Have you fastened your trampoline yet?

Weather warnings for many parts of Iceland

30 Aug The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for South Iceland, Faxaflói, Southwest Iceland, Breiðafjörður, West Northwest Iceland and the Central Highlands for today and into tomorrow morning.

Rivers were swelling in the highlands last night.

Overnight search for tourist ends well

28 Aug A man, whom rescue workers had searched for in the Central Highlands of Iceland since last night, was found safe and sound at 2 am.

The 4x4 was thrown into a ditch.

‘They won’t do anything for us.’

27 Aug “Our insurance company has been contacted and some kind of damage report has been filed online.”

The damage is extensive.

Tornadoes leave South Iceland farm in ruins

27 Aug Tornadoes, which are highly unusual in Iceland, caused extensive damage at the South Iceland farm of Norðurhjáleiga, on Friday afternoon.

Yellow weather alert for central highlands

27 Aug The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for the central highlands for today.

From the family festival, Kátt á Klambra.

One of Summer’s Warmest Days

30 Jul About 2,500 people attended the family festival Kátt á Klambra in Reykjavík yesterday, on one of the summer’s warmest days.

The outlook for noon today.

Warm Weekend Ahead

27 Jul The outlook is for a warm weekend in Iceland, with today’s highs ranging from 12 to 17 degrees C (54-63 degrees F) in most parts of the country, and up to 22 degrees C (72 degrees F) in the east.

Typical weather map for Iceland from June 29th, showing rain in the west and south and sunshine in the northeast and east.

Cold, Wet, Cloudy Summer

26 Jul It is official. The weather in Reykjavík so far this summer has been excessively cold, wet and cloudy.

Sunshine in Reykjavík, at long last!

Our Moment in the Sun

16 Jul Residents in the southwest part of Iceland could hardly believe their eyes when they took a lunch break today.

Pedestrians in Reykjavik yesterday.

The storm in pictures

6 Nov 2017 A deep low passed over South-West Iceland on Sunday, causing flight delays, power outages, and water damage.

People enjoying the warm weather in Grasagarðurinn in Laugardalur park, Reykjavik.

Warm temperatures ahead

29 Aug 2017 Autumn may be here but Iceland's enjoying a mild spell. Temperatures are expected to reach 20 degrees this week in some parts of the country.

A storm rages under the Eyjafjöll mountains in Iceland.

Iceland's Ring Road closed in South East Iceland due to storm

12 May 2017 The no.1 ring road around Iceland is now closed in two different sections in South East Iceland due to the storm. One part is between Steinar and Vík and the other between Gígjukvísl and Jökulsárlón. The road will open later today.

Temperature forecast for Wednesday from the Icelandic Met Office.

Snow in North Iceland on Wednesday

8 May 2017 After summer’s arrival with breaking heat records over the last week, it will get cold again this Wednesday and even snow in North Iceland.

Travellers driving in West Iceland today are encouraged to take care.

Very windy in West Iceland today

23 Mar 2017 Holtavörðuheiði mountain road is partially closed as a shipping container blew off a truck. The roads around Reykjavik mostly all passable, but take care as it’s very windy. The weather at the Golden Circle is fine, but the roads are covered with snow and ice.

Reynisfjara Beach is a popular place to visit, though it can get very cold this time of year.

Iceland to have a taste of winter

20 Feb 2017 After days of strangely warm weather lately with temperatures almost only seen over the summer, winter has finally decided to revisit Iceland.


Light rain


2 °C


Later today

5 °C

Rain showers


7 °C

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