Numerous Businesses Close Early

Vala Hafstað

Due to inclement weather and weather warnings, numerous institutions and businesses in Iceland will be closing early today, reports.

In Reykjavík, some banks, including Landsbanki and Íslandsbanki branches, will be closed. So will the services of Eimskip shipping company. The Ministry of Health and the offices of the Directorate of Health close at 2 pm. 

Landsbanki branches in West Iceland, the West Fjords, North Iceland and in other areas affected by the severe weather will close early. Landsbanki branches on the Reykjanes peninsula will close at 2 pm.

At Eimskip shipping company, the distribution of goods, deliveries, container transportation, and other services will be affected in the afternoon and into tomorrow.

All exams scheduled for the afternoon and evening at the University of Iceland have been postponed.

Due to high waves, Sæbraut road, from Harpa Concert Hall to Laugarnestangi point, may have to be closed, reports. The same is true for Eiðsgrandi road on Seltjarnarnes point. The street closures are expected at 3 pm. High waves could carry rocks onto these roads along the coast.

Power outages have been reported in various areas in North Iceland, including Þyngeyjarsýslur counties, Svarfaðardalur valley and Öxarfjörður fjord.




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