Beware of Icy Roads this Morning​Hari

Vala Hafstað

Roads, sidewalks and bike trails in and around Reykjavík are very icy this morning, so please be extra cautious during the morning commute. Let’s not repeat what happened a week ago when icy roads caught us unprepared and more than 40 people ended up in the ER.

Municipal workers have been busy salting and sanding the streets since 4 am, Halldór Halldórsson, project manager for Reykjavík City tells .

The Icelandic Met Office reports that icy roads can be expected in many parts of the country today. It snowed in Akureyri, North Iceland, and vicinity overnight, creating icy road conditions during the morning hours.

According to the Icelandic Road Administration, roads are icy in most parts of the country. Check out the road map at .

It is snowing in Southeast Iceland, making driving conditions more challenging.

Photo/Jim Smart




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