No Travel Advised after 3 PM

Vala Hafstað

In the capital area, no travel is advised after 3 pm, due to the severe weather expected in the afternoon, reports. The severe weather will affect the whole country today.

All Reykjavík City recreational activity and community center services have been canceled for today. This includes school band practices.

Children who require the services of transportation for people with disabilities will be transported home at the end of the school day.

Swimming pools, libraries and museums operated by Reykjavík City will close at 2 pm.

As reported earlier, parents have been asked to pick up their grade school children at the end of the school day, and their preschool children by 3 pm.

Three shelters for the homeless in Reykjavík open at 2 pm today, which is earlier than usual.

Residents are reminded to fasten all loose items outdoors and to make sure garbage cans are well secured.

Please follow the latest weather updates on and heed all warnings given by the media and on


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