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Investigation of Illness Focuses on Engines

29 Feb 2020 An investigation into the illness of several Icelandair flight attendants in January of last year currently focuses on the aircraft’s engines and their maintenance.

Icelandair Cancels 22 Flights Tomorrow

13 Feb 2020 Icelandair has canceled 22 flights to and from European cities tomorrow, due to the severe weather forecast, and added eight flights to its schedule today.

The wind speed forecast for 10 am on Friday.

Icelandair Prepares for Severe Weather Friday

12 Feb 2020 Due to the severe weather expected in Iceland on Friday, Icelandair is getting ready, should international flights to and from Keflavík International Airport have to be canceled.

You can see how the aircraft rests on the right engine.

Gear Collapses at Landing, Despite Being New

10 Feb 2020 The right main gear of an Icelandair Boeing 757 that collapsed shortly after the aircraft landed on Keflavík International Airport on Friday afternoon had just been replaced.

Icelandair Hires 100 Fewer Pilots than Planned

24 Jan 2020 Due to the continued grounding of Boeing 737 MAX jets, Icelandair will employ 100 fewer pilots this summer than plans made in 2019 had called for.

Early Departure for Icelandair Flights

13 Jan 2020 Due to weather, Icelandair has rescheduled some flights today for early departure.

Most of Today’s Flights Canceled

7 Jan 2020 Most international flights to and from Keflavík International Airport, scheduled this afternoon through 8 pm, have been canceled, due to inclement weather.

From Keflavík International Airport.

Direct Flights to Asia Explored

8 Oct 2019 It’s not a question of whether direct flights will be offered between Iceland and Asia. The question is when.

One of the Boing 767 aircraft, used for the San Francisco flight.

San Fran and Kansas City off Icelandair’s Schedule

1 Oct 2019 Icelandair officials have decided not to offer direct flights from Keflavík International Airport to San Francisco and Kansas City, the US, next summer.

Illness among Icelandair Flight Attendants

23 Sep 2019 Three female flight attendants became ill and had to be given oxygen on board an Icelandair flight last week.

Icelandair Loses USD 40.9 Million in 2nd Quarter

2 Aug 2019 Icelandair Group lost USD 40.9 million during this year’s second quarter, according to the company’s semi-annual report, published last night.

Vincent Tan.

Tan Wants to Build Luxury Hotel in Iceland

17 Jul 2019 The future owner of Icelandair Hotels, Vincent Tan, believes that the Icelandic hotel market has great opportunities for connecting Iceland and Asia.

Icelandair Meets with Boeing and Airbus

26 Jun 2019 Representatives from Icelandair Group have been meeting in Iceland in recent weeks with negotiating committees from both Boeing and Airbus.

Vincent Tan to Buy Icelandair Hotels

8 May 2019 Icelandair Group is finalizing the sale of an 80 percent stake in its subsidiary Icelandair Hotels.

Passengers who were booked with WOW air can buy fares for special rates from Icelandair for the next two weeks.

Icelandair offer special fares for stranded WOW passengers

28 Mar 2019 Icelandair have set up discounted economy fares for stranded passengers en route, from or through Iceland.


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