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Rivers were swelling in the highlands last night.

Overnight search for tourist ends well

28 Aug A man, whom rescue workers had searched for in the Central Highlands of Iceland since last night, was found safe and sound at 2 am.

New BBC programme on Icelandic search and rescue

24 Nov 2016 The BBC World Service has posted a new programme looking at the splendid work of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.

Transatlantic jet forced into emergency landing in Iceland

12 Sep 2016 Fire engines, ambulances and helicopters were dispatched to Keflavík International Airport (KEF) this weekend after a transatlantic passenger jet sent out a mayday call for an emergency landing.

PHOTOS: Iceland glacier lagoon firework display

15 Aug 2016 Almost 2,000 people attended the sixteenth annual firework display at Iceland’s stunning Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on Saturday evening.

Iceland glacier lagoon fireworks display this Saturday!

10 Aug 2016 Iceland’s spectacular annual fireworks display at the iconic Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon will take place this Saturday evening.

Icelandic Coast Guard Helicopter.

Iceland Coast Guard helicopter photobombs a wedding photo shoot

26 Jul 2016 The wedding photographer CM Leung captured a pretty amazing moment during a wedding photo shoot in Iceland. A search and rescue helicopter from the Icelandic Coast Guard flew by the bride, dressed in a white wedding gown on a black glacial ridge.

Rescue conditions were very difficult.

Iceland river fall victim 27-year-old Frenchman

14 Jul 2016 The man whose body was found last night after falling into a river in South Iceland and being dragged under dense ice and snow was a French national born in 1989.

Iceland river fall tourist trapped under 6-metre snowdrift

13 Jul 2016 A French tourist who was carried under a massive snow-drift after falling into a river in South Iceland yesterday evening has yet to be found.

Rescue teams at work.

Drones extremely useful for Iceland's SAR teams

9 Jun 2016 Iceland's search and rescue teams are increasingly using drones for both rescue practices and actual rescues. By attaching cameras to drones, rescue areas can be mapped out much more quickly than by sending groups of rescue team members across the area.

Irresponsible tourists iceberg-hopping in Iceland.

Iceland spoilt by a***holes – apparently!

17 Mar 2016 Iceland has the dubious honour of making onto’s list of ‘6 Famous Places That A-Holes Have Made Intolerable To Visit’.

The Skagafjörður rescue team spent seven hours locating all the fish in the snowy hills.

Only in Iceland: SAR team rescues fish from perishing in snow

22 Feb 2016 Icelandic search and rescue teams in Iceland are called out for all kinds of work and this weekend, the mission of the Skagafjörður rescue team in North Iceland was to save a valuable cargo of fish from a truck which had careered off the road.

Photo: Vopni Search & Rescue

Reckless tourists cause rescue chaos

22 Feb 2016 A group of eleven foreign visitors had to be rescued by Icelandic search and rescue teams yesterday afternoon – after ignoring road closure signs and getting mired in deep snow.

The Coldest Crossing was comprised of young British men attempting to cross the highlands unassisted in winter. They were brought back to Reykjavik by the national coastguard helicopter yesterday.

"Coldest Crossing" annoys MP's

30 Dec 2015 Several parliamentarians have voiced their disdain over the cost of rescuing foreign tourists hiking in Iceland in midwinter such as the young men attempting The Coldest Crossing. Many suggest that hikers should have to buy some sort of insurance beforehand.

ICE-SAR members at the scene in Grafarholt, Reykjavik, this evening.

Over 340 search and rescue calls

8 Dec 2015 Icelandic search and rescue teams responded to over 340 calls on Monday according to Landsbjörg Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR)

In Smáralind shopping centre yesterday.

ICE-SAR ‘Rescue Men’ on sale now

6 Nov 2015 The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) began its annual fund-raising ‘Rescue Man’ initiative yesterday.




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