Search Near Eruption Site Called Off

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From the scene.

BBC Crew Rescued North of West Fjords: Video

17 Mar The Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter hoisted five people on board yesterday afternoon, after a passenger boat they were in began leaking and lost power north of Hornstrandir.

John Snorri Sigurjónsson.

‘Ali, John and Juan Pablo Will Live Forever in Our Hearts’

19 Feb The family of Icelandic mountaineer John Snorri Sigurjónsson posted a statement on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

From K2.

John Snorri and His Companions Presumed Dead

18 Feb Mountaineers John Snorri Sigurjónsson, from Iceland, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, from Pakistan, and Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto, from Chile, who have been missing on K2 since February 5, are believed to have died on the mountain.

Dwindling Hope as Weather Hampers Search Effort on K2

9 Feb Due to inclement weather on K2, a Pakistani Army helicopter could only complete one flight yesterday searching for mountaineers John Snorri Sigurjónsson, from Iceland, Ali Sadpara, from Pakistan, and Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto, from Chile.

Search for John Snorri and Two Others Continues on K2

8 Feb Search for mountaineers John Snorri Sigurjónsson, from Iceland, Ali Sadpara, from Pakistan, and Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto, from Chile, will continue on K2 today.

Woman Dies After Car Lands in Ocean in West Fjords

18 Jan A woman is dead after a car she was a passenger in skidded off the road and landed in the ocean in Skötufjörður.

The helicopter TF-GRO.

Rescue Helicopter Ready if Required

30 Nov The Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter TF-GRO was ready for use again last night.

TF-GRO, one of the Icelandic Coast Guard's helicopters.

Will No Rescue Helicopter Be Available Next Week?

20 Nov The Icelandic Coast Guard has issued a statement, explaining that due to the ongoing strike of aircraft mechanics, an emergency situation is looming.

90-Year-Old Þorbjörn Has Rescued 233 People

14 Nov “[Þorbjörn] has rescued a total of 233 people,” states Bogi Adolfsson,

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Rescue Workers Busy in East Iceland

4 Nov Rescue workers in East Iceland were busy this morning assisting people whose cars had gotten stuck in Fagridalur valley.

Archive photo. Helicopter from the Icelandic Coast Guard.

Found - Safe and Sound

29 Oct A young man, who had been missing since last night in Stafafellsfjöll mountains in Southeast Iceland, has been found safe and sound.

The map shows the area where the man went hiking in Southeast Iceland.

Man Missing in Mountains in Southeast Iceland

29 Oct Rescue teams in Austur-Skaftafellssýsla county and in East Iceland are searching for a man in his early 20s in Stafafellsfjöll mountains in Lón, Southeast Iceland.

Rescue workers faced difficult conditions.

Successful Rescue of Man Stuck in Mud for Hours: Video

4 Sep The Icelandic Coast Guard released a video last night of the rescue of a man who was stuck for more than three hours in sand, or mud, in Sandvatn lake, south of Langjökull glacier, Wednesday night.

From Akureyri.

Flying Trampolines and Cars Stuck in Snow

5 May Summer may officially have arrived in Iceland, prompting optimistic people to take out their trampolines and patio furniture.

Icelandic Coast Guard ship Þór in Ísafjörður. The picture was taken in January.

Samples Transported in Severe Weather

6 Apr 2020 Severe weather hit every part of the country over the weekend.




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