Summer 2016 ATC industrial action

Six in ten Iceland flight passengers delayed in June

7 Jul 2016 Industrial action by Icelandic air-traffic controllers sent flight-delay stats sky rocketing last month, with some 60% of passengers travelling with three international airlines to and from Iceland suffering delays.

More Iceland flight disruption despite legal ban on industrial action

20 Jun 2016 Departures and arrivals at Iceland’s main international airport were disrupted for four half-hour periods yesterday, as cover for absent air traffic controllers could not be found.

MPs pass law forcing a deal with Iceland ATCs

9 Jun 2016 Icelandic MPs passed a bill yesterday evening forcing a resolution to the ongoing pay dispute with air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers feels that their pay has fallen far behind that of other groups.

Government intervenes in Iceland ATC dispute

8 Jun 2016 “For a government to intervene in negotiations on pay and working conditions is an absolute emergency measure,” says Iceland’s Home Affairs Minister.

Grey skies ahead for travellers to and from Iceland?

Iceland ATCs “want 60% pay rise” to halt strike action

8 Jun 2016 An ongoing air traffic controllers’ work-to-rule strike risks airport closures, flight delays and travel disruption for passengers travelling to, from and through Iceland.

Many thousands of passengers have been affected by delays at Keflavík International Airport.

Iceland flight disruption could go on all summer

7 Jun 2016 Hundreds of thousands of passengers have been affected by delays caused by industrial action by Icelandic air traffic controllers in recent weeks – and there is no end in sight to the travel misery.

Keflavík International Airport (KEF).

More heavy delays on flights to and from Iceland

6 Jun 2016 An ongoing work-to-rule strike by Icelandic air traffic controllers has once again plunged passenger travel plans into chaos – with some facing delays of up to four hours.

Iceland ATC strike disrupting transatlantic flights

30 May 2016 Ongoing industrial action by Icelandic air traffic controllers is not just disrupting traffic at Iceland’s main international airport – it is also having an effect on the transatlantic operations of airlines worldwide.

More Iceland air travel misery expected tonight

26 May 2016 A total of 24 flights are expected to be affected tonight as industrial action by air traffic controllers effectively shuts down Iceland’s main international airport for the third time in seven weeks.

Iceland's Keflavík International Airport.

Iceland ATC work-to-rule causing delayed and cancelled flights

26 May 2016 All Icelandair flights to Europe and North America are suffering delays today as a result of industrial action by air traffic controllers currently involved in a dispute over pay and working conditions.

Dispatcher strike could hit Icelandair operations hard

23 May 2016 International flights to and from Iceland could be majorly affected by possible industrial action by airline dispatchers, warns their union leader.

Millions of passengers use KEF airport every year.

Iceland flights disrupted by air traffic controllers’ industrial action

29 Apr 2016 Thousands of passengers were affected by delays and cancellations at Iceland’s main international airport last night as the effects of a work-to-rule strike by air traffic controllers kicked in.




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