Six in ten Iceland flight passengers delayed in June

Industrial action by Icelandic air-traffic controllers sent flight-delay stats sky rocketing last month, with some 60% of passengers travelling with three international airlines to and from Iceland suffering delays.

Delays doubled from around 30% every month in the period January to May, to 60% last month, according to data from Icelandic travel search engine website Dohop in easyJet, Icelandair and WOW air.

65% of Icelandair departures were delayed in June, with an average delay of just over 36 minutes, while easyJet’s punctuality rate for departures was 62%, with an average delay of 39 minutes.

WOW air flights out of Iceland appear to have been the worst affected, with just 27% leaving on time. The rest of the airline’s flight were delayed on average by just under 66 minutes.

Disruption continued into today when one flight departing from Iceland around 9am this morning was stuck on a taxiway, after it emerged that there was almost nobody manning the control tower.

Air-traffic controllers have recently rejected a new deal on pay and working conditions and the case will be referred to a special court of arbitration.




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