MPs pass law forcing a deal with Iceland ATCs

Photo: AFP

Icelandic MPs passed a bill yesterday evening forcing a resolution to the ongoing pay dispute with air traffic controllers.

Industrial action by ATCs – in the form of a work-to-rule – has caused Iceland’s main international airport at Keflavík to close on several occasions since early May, causing major travel disruption to thousands of passengers flying to, from and through Iceland.

The new law means that:

  • an immediate halt will be called to the work-to-rule strike;
  • the controllers’ union and airport operator Isavia have until 24 June to reach a deal;
  • failing this, a court of arbitration will rule on controllers’ pay.

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Iceland's parliament, Alþingi.

Iceland's parliament, Alþingi. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar Óskarsson




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