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Efling and Reykjavík Reach Deal to End Strike

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Overflowing Garbage Cans all over Reykjavík

26 Feb 2020 You may be wondering why garbage cans in Reykjavík are overflowing these days.

Call to Strike Approved by 88 Percent of Workers

20 Feb 2020 The overwhelming majority, or 87.6 percent, of members of BSRB – the Icelandic Federation of State and Municipal Employees – approve to go on strike.

From a meeting of BSRB members.

Will Public Services Be Paralyzed by Strike?

19 Feb 2020 It will be clear tomorrow morning whether 18,000 members of BSRB – the Federation of State and Municipal Employees – will go on strike, starting March 9.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, leader of Efling union, center, at the meeting this morning.

Reykjavík and Efling Union Meet to Negotiate

18 Feb 2020 The negotiating committees of Reykjavík City and Efling union met to negotiate this morning at 10 am, at the office of the state mediator.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, left, leader of Efling Union.

Strike Has Widespread Effect in Reykjavík

17 Feb 2020 Members of Efling union who work for the City of Reykjavík went on strike at midnight, since no deal had been reached between the negotiating parties.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, leader of Efling union and Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir.

Wage Contracts and Quality of Life Deal Signed

4 Apr 2019 Last night, representatives of close to 30 Icelandic unions with more than 100,000 members signed a wage agreement with SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise.

Negotiations continued into the night.

Strikes Called Off

2 Apr 2019 There is a positive development in labor disputes in Iceland.

The commute was slow this morning in the metropolitan area, due to both snowfall and the strike of bus drivers.

Bus Service Interrupted Today

1 Apr 2019 Bus service in Reykjavík will be interrupted today on ten routes, due to the strike of bus drivers.

Strike action planned for Friday

18 Mar 2019 Three sets of strikes have now been voted on: Firstly among workers in hotels, secondly among bus company workers, and thirdly among workers at Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða, which services a part of the city bus routes of Strætó BS. All three were accepted with a large majority of ballots cast.

Impact of Efling strikes on Strætó’s passengers in the capital area

13 Mar 2019 Most bus drivers at Iceland Excursions are members of the Efling union and the pending strikes will therefore have a big impact on many bus routes in the capital area.

The Center Hotel Plaza in downtown Reykjavik.

Hotel owners put on their rubber gloves for today's strike

8 Mar 2019 Hotel owners and managers will be donning their rubber gloves today at 10 am to clean hotel rooms for arriving guests. Housekeeping and other hotel staff go on strike at 10 and the strike lasts until midnight.

Women's day in Iceland last year.

Housekeepers begin strike action on Women's Day March 8th

5 Mar 2019 Housekeepers will strike on International women’s day on March 8.The strike will start at 10:00 in the morning of March 8th 2019 and will finish at 23:59 on the same day.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir director of Efling hands over a strike notification.

Call for strike on March 8th accepted

5 Mar 2019 Members of Efling accepted a call to strike on March 8 among cleaners in hotels with an overwhelming majority of votes cast. Of 862 votes, 769 agreed to the call for strike, 67 voted against, and 26 turned in a blank ballot. This makes for an 89% vote for the strike.

Strike: Action planned for passenger buses and hotels

1 Mar 2019 The negotiation committee of Efling agreed at its meeting yesterday, February 28, to call for a vote on a strike in passenger buses and at 40 hotels in the area which Efling has jurisdiction over.

Tourists in Reykjavik in February

International travel agencies worried about imminent strike

28 Feb 2019 Travellers to Iceland are not cancelling their reservations to hotels or to activities according to companies contacted by Morgunblaðið. However, international travel agencies are worried about the situation.




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