Strike action planned for Friday

Three sets of strikes have now been voted on: Firstly among workers in hotels, secondly among bus company workers, and thirdly among workers at Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða, which services a part of the city bus routes of Strætó BS. All three were accepted with a large majority of ballots cast.

The strikes will take place in the following ways:

Strætó drivers working for Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða

  • On weekdays from April 1 through May 1:
    • No driving from 7-9am and 4-6pm.

Regular strikes in hotels and bus companies

The following days there will be no work by Efling members in hotels and bus companies from midnight to midnight:

  • March 22 (1 day)
  • March 28-29 (2 days)
  • April 3-5 (3 days)
  • April 9-11 (3 days)
  • April 15-17 (3 days)
  • April 23-25 (3 days)
  • May 1 (until the strike is called off)

For further information see HERE. 


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