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Icelandic reindeer in winter.

Warning: Reindeer traffic in East and South East Iceland

14 Dec The Iceland Road Administration and the East Iceland Nature Research Centre would like to warn drivers to look out for reindeer crossing roads in East and South East Iceland.

Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir  on the left and Gígja Sara Björnsson on the right, the women behind the new cat café.

First cat café set to open in Reykjavik

27 Nov The first cat café is set to open before Christmas in the Reykjavik city centre. "We adore cats so now that pets are allowed in restaurants we decided to jump at the opportunity and go forward with an idea that we've had brewing for a while," says Gígja Björnsson, who owns the café with Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir.


Bernie- the first hedgehog in Iceland

13 Nov Bernie the African hedgehog is the first hedgehog ever to have been imported to Iceland. His owner is Eszter Tekla Fekete who moved to Iceland with her family from Hungary.

Einhyrningur is a bit of a loner, says his owner.

Icelandic "unicorn" put up for auction

6 Oct Icelandic ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) gained world attention this spring. The owners have finally decided upon his fate - he is to be auctioned for charity in November.

Swans didn't appear to like being photographed by a drone.

Swan takes down a drone in Iceland

5 Sep A swan knocked down a drone flown by a group of Indian tourists yesterday in Iceland. Eye witness Bergsveinn Reynisson says that a gropu of 300 swans were flying when a drone appeared on their eye level.

Lúlli the lamb loves cuddling up with Hekla, four months old. Both wear diapers.

Tiny Icelandic lamb gains a new family and becomes an internet star

1 Jun Lúlli the Icelandic lamb was born prematurely and his chances of survival were slim. However, after being fostered by the family at Sandar in Miðfjörður in North Iceland.

An unconventional family.

Swan pair in Iceland adopt a couple of goslings

24 May A swan pair in Mýrdalur, South East Iceland have adopted two goslings whom they are raising along with their two cygnets.

Örvar seems unperturbed by the arrow protruding from his chest.

Seagull flies from Iceland and back with an arrow in its chest

23 May A black-headed gull nicknamed Örvar (Arrow) due to an arrow stuck in his chest has again been spotted in Borgarnes, West Iceland, after disappearing to warmer shores during the winter.

Einhyrningur is slim, and not good for breeding according to his owner.

Iceland Unicorn might go to the slaughterhouse

26 Apr The ram Einhyrningur, Unicorn, got famous overnight, for his one stoutly horn standing up from its forehead. Einhyrningur is not built for breeding and the farmer that owns him plans to send him to the slaughterhouse next autumn.

Tígull the dog with his new friend, a tiny redpoll.

Dog saves unconscious bird in Iceland

24 Mar "I was sitting by my computer and the balcony door was open. My dog, Tigull, came whimpering to me and wouldn't stop until I followed him onto the balcony."Tígull was trying to point out to his owner that a small bird was lying unconcious on the balcony.

The kittens have a two storey wome with bunk beds and toys.

Big brother in Iceland is watching… kittens

17 Feb A new internet craze has gripped Iceland, watching the daily lives of four kittens on a 24/7 live stream. The kittens are siblings that are 9 weeks old and without a home. The aim of this is to promote adoption of stray cats.

Coco the dog that got lost in North Iceland.

Video: Drones search for lost dog in North Iceland

22 Dec 2016 Coco the dog got lost when her owner was walking her earlier in the week in Dalvík, North Iceland. A great number of locals participated in the search for Coco, as well as the local Association for Search and Rescue teams who used a drone for the search.

This incredible cute video is putting smiles on Icelandic faces today.

Unique friendship between toddler and Icelandic foal

14 Dec 2016 A video of a four-year-old boy and a foal has gone viral in Iceland as it shows a pretty unique friendship. The boy, Þórður Bragi, and the foal Kuggur cuddle, play and run around together.

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