VIDEO: A look inside Reykjavik's first cat café

Gígja: The idea is to offer a place where you can have coffee and nice cakes with cats inthe premises. It's a concept that's popular all over the world, especially in Japan. 

Ragnheiður: The cats here are domestic cats that are looking for new homes and owners. Their owners thought it was a nice way for them to find new owners. 

Gígja: Fabio for example, the problem for him is that he wasn't getting enough attention. So this is sort of the right kind of place for a cat that requires a lot of attention. 

Text: Fabio was just chilling at the café when Iceland Monitor visited. Rósalind decided to say hi to some people. 

Gígja: We need cats that will be happy here. Cats that are used to people, friendly, and used to children. We need to find the right tempo and see how different cats work out here. 

The rules regarding the cats are simple: don't pick them up and don't wake them up. 

Ragnheiður: We've had a really good response, it's been crazy busy since we opened up. It'spopular with cat lovers who have cats at home but enjoy meeting other cats. There's a huge cat lover community in Iceland, and we're also popular with tourists. 




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