Músó the cat is happy living in Kattakaffihúsið but is looking for a forever home.

Interview with Músó the cat at Reykjavik's only cat café

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Baktus the cat is a Reykjavik landmark.

Reykjavik's most famous cat gets kidnapped

21 Dec 2018 Baktus, the resident cat of vintage clothing shop Gyllti kötturinn (the golden cat) disappeared last night. Witnesses reported that a man had picked him up in Klapparstigur and taken him into a cab.

Karíus sitting in the seal pond.

Cat at Reykjavik petting zoo enjoys staring at the seals

13 Jul 2018 The seals at the Reykjavik family petting zoo are unperturbed by the feline attention they receive from resident cat, Karius.

Police operation to save cat stuck in an island on Lake Tjörnin in Reykjavik

20 Apr 2018 A cat named Grímkell somehow got himself stuck on a tiny island in Lake Tjörnin at the centre of Reykjavik last night. Police were notified that a cat meowing very loudly was stuck on the island and an extensive operation ensued.


VIDEO: A look inside Reykjavik's first cat café

8 Mar 2018 The café has been enormously popular since opening and it's clear that people love the company of felines whilst enjoying coffee and a host of vegan cakes or sandwiches.

Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir  on the left and Gígja Sara Björnsson on the right, the women behind the new cat café.

First cat café set to open in Reykjavik

27 Nov 2017 The first cat café is set to open before Christmas in the Reykjavik city centre. "We adore cats so now that pets are allowed in restaurants we decided to jump at the opportunity and go forward with an idea that we've had brewing for a while," says Gígja Björnsson, who owns the café with Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir.




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