Humpback whale swimming in Reykjavik harbour

22 Nov "It was just incredible. A once-in-a lifetime kind of thing, amazing," says Arinbjörn Hauksson marketing manager of whale watching company Special Tours Wildlife Adventures who captured a video of a humpback whale swimming in Skarfabakki harbour in Reykjavik.

Kristján Loftsson is not attending the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Brazil.

125 whales hunted this season in Iceland

11 Sep Director of Hvalur hf, Kristján Loftsson says that whaling has gone well despite bad weather conditions this hunting season and 125 whales have been caught. He says that how long hunting will continue this autumn depends on the weather.

A fin whale at the whaling station in Hvalfjörður.

Icelandic government receives thousands of emails to protest whale hunting

8 Sep The Icelandic government have received over ten thousand emails from individuals protesting the decision of Hvalur hf whaling company to recommence whaling on July 6th. This is still a much smaller number of emails then those received in 2006 when Icelanders began commercial whale hunting.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Unusual behavior of whales puzzles scientists

22 Aug “Something is going on,” Edda Elísabet Magnúsdóttir, cetologist and adjuct in biology at the University of Iceland, tells

Kristján Loftsson says that pregnant female fin whales have been hunted since the 1940's.

Whale hunting company confirms that they have hunted 11 pregnant whales this summer

21 Aug Whale hunters working for Hvalur hf. have hunted eleven pregnant fin whales this summer. This was confirmed by director of the company, Kristján Loftsson. He says it's impossible to know whether a whale is pregnant or not and that there is nothing unusual about this.

A photo taken by Hard to Port yesterday.

Animal rights activists protest killing of pregnant fin whale

21 Aug Animal rights association Hard to Port have accused Icelandic whaling company of hunting a pregnant fin whale. Photos of the incident spread quickly on social media and a protest took place last night outside the premises of Hvalur hf in Hvalfjörður.

Rescue effort well underway.

Bottlenose whale rescued from Engey

17 Aug Numerous people took part in rescuing a stranded bottlenose whale from Engey island, near Reykjavík, yesterday afternoon.

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, minister for the environment and natural resources.

Environment minister doubts whaling is sustainable

16 Aug Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, minister for the environment and natural resources, is not convinced of the sustainability of whaling in Icelandic waters.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Trapped whales rescued again

14 Aug Rescue workers successfully herded a pod of pilot whales out of Kolgrafarfjörður fjord, West Iceland, last night.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Amazing video of pilot whales

13 Aug The following video shows the rescue team Klaki from Grundarfjörður herding dozens of pilot whales out of Kolgrafarfjörður fjord, after the whales had gotten trapped there.

Rescue teams driving the whales out of the fjord last night.

Dozens of pilot whales trapped again

13 Aug Dozens of pilot whales, saved by rescue workers last night after being trapped in Kolgrafarfjörður fjord, West Iceland, are most likely back in the fjord this morning.

Kristján Loftsson, director of whaling company  Hvalur hf.

Icelandic whaling company sued by conservationists for killing hybrid whale

10 Aug Conservation organisation Jarðarvinir is suing Icelandic whaling company Hvalur hf for hunting a fin whale/ blue whale hybrid last month.

One of the bottlenose whales spotted in Akureyri, North Iceland.

Bottlenose Whales Delight Residents

31 Jul The residents of Akureyri, North Iceland, saw an unusual sight a short distance from land yesterday.

Right whales are rarely spotted in Icelandic waters.

Rare Right Whale Spotted in Iceland

25 Jul A North Atlantic right whale was spotted by whale watchers onboard a boat from Elding Whale Watching on Monday.

The hunting of hybrids is legal, while the blue whale is a protected species.

Hybrid Whale Meat not for Export

20 Jul “There are no plans to export the meat,” stated Kristján Loftsson, CEO of Hvalur hf.




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