Beached Pilot Whales in Snæfellsnes: Video

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Mjaldrarnir komnir til Klettsvíkur

Belugas Move into 32,000-m2 Home in Klettsvík Cove: Video

10 Aug Two celebrities in Vestmannaeyjar islands moved into their new 32,000-square-meter (344,000-sq-ft) home on Friday.


Beluga Sisters Moving in June

10 May The beluga sisters Litla-Grá and Litla-Hvít (Little White and Little Gray) will be moving to a new home in June.

Pilot Whale Could not Be Saved

27 Aug 2019 Attempts to save a pilot whale that beached on Seltjarnarnes point, near Reykjavík, yesterday, were in vain.

Pilot whales on Löngufjörur beach.

Higher Temps or Tourists?

18 Aug 2019 Warmer ocean temperatures, due to global warming, may explain why pilot whales have been spotted more often around Iceland in recent years.

Beached pilot whales.

MAST Warns against Consumption of Pilot Whale Meat

13 Aug 2019 If you think beached pilot whales are a good source of meat, think again.

Thirty Pilot Whales Rescued in Reykjanes: Video

6 Aug 2019 Rescue workers and other volunteers succeeded in rescuing about 30 pilot whales early Saturday morning that had beached near Garður, on the Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland.

Over the weekend, Morgunblaðið photographer RAX photographed the whales from the air.

Dangerous Place to Visit

22 Jul 2019 Jónas Jóhannesson, farmer at Jörfi, near Löngufjörur beach, West Iceland, warns that visiting the area, where dozens of beached pilot whales were discovered last week, can be very risky.

There are dozens of whales on the beach.

Dozens of Beached Whales in Snæfellsnes

19 Jul 2019 Dozens of beached pilot whales were detected on Löngufjörur beach on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland, yesterday.

Just arrived in Keflavík.

Beluga Sisters Have Arrived

20 Jun 2019 The beluga sisters Litla Grá and Litla Hvít (Little Gray and Little White) safely arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands last night, after a long journey from China.

Little Gray and Little White.

Belugas Fly in Tomorrow

18 Jun 2019 Two beluga whales from Shanghai, China, will arrive at Keflavík International Airport tomorrow morning.

The carcass was lifted up with a crane.

Whale Carcass Removed

29 May 2019 A whale that beached on the shore of Reykjavík yesterday was successfully removed from there just before noon today.


Beached Whale in Reykjavík: Video

29 May 2019 A beached whale was reported to police in Reykjavík yesterday afternoon

The beluga whales, Litla Hvít and Litla Grá (Little White and Little Gray).

Arrival of Belugas Postponed

15 Apr 2019 The arrival of two beluga whales from Shanghai, scheduled for Keflavík International Airport tomorrow, has been postponed.

The belugas Little White and Little Gray are scheduled to arrive in Keflavík on April 16.

Belugas Fly in Next Week

10 Apr 2019 On April 16, Keflavík International Airport is expecting two unusually heavy travelers, sure to attract a lot of attention.

A whale being cut up and prepared at the whaling station in Hvalfjörður.

Icelandic environmentalist concerned about renewed whaling permit for Fin and Minke Whales

27 Mar 2019 Several environmental and animal rights societies in Iceland have sent an open letter to Parliament expressing their concern about the decision made by Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture to renew the whaling permit for Fin whales and Minke whales until 2023.




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