Iceland’s famous Euro 2016 Viking clap HÚH! now as a tattoo

12 Jul 2016 Iceland supporter Bjarni Þór Kristjánsson has taken football fandom to a new level by getting a tattoo on his calf of Iceland and the now-famous HÚH! Viking clap chant.

June record month for Icelanders travelling abroad

11 Jul 2016 Never before have more Icelanders travelled abroad in one single month than in June 2016 – with Euro 2016 an obvious contributing factor to the increase.

Euro 2016 fanzone to return for Iceland’s women in 2017

11 Jul 2016 Organisers pledge the fanzone on Reykjavik’s central Ingólfstorg square will be back this time next year for the nation to cheer on its women at Euro 2017.

Daniel Carlsen.

Danish nationalists hit back at “ashamed” Icelanders

11 Jul 2016 Leader of the Danish far-right nationalist Party of the Danes Daniel Carsen has dropped a video on social media accusing Iceland of being ashamed of the fact that their national football team is “Icelandic”.

View on Iceland: Presidents, Greenland and Euro 2016

9 Jul 2016 Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news, events and features, you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

Iceland's women have reached the Euro quarter-finals three times.

Iceland’s footballing men paid 460 times more than women

8 Jul 2016 Despite having made the quarter-finals of the UEFA European finals on three occasions – as compared to once for the men – prize money for Iceland’s footballing women is a mere fraction of what the Euro 2016 boys received.

Wonderful scenes last night.

France adopt Iceland’s HÚ Viking clap

8 Jul 2016 In a touching homage to Iceland and its fans, France had a crack last night at Iceland’s now world-famous HÚ Viking clap after their 2-0 semi-final victory over Germany at Euro 2016.

Euro 2016 stab victim’s wife “moved” by Icelandic generosity

7 Jul 2016 The British man supporting Iceland at Euro 2016 who was brutally stabbed on Sunday has been contacted and informed of the wonderful trip to Iceland awaiting him and his wife organised by sympathetic Icelandic fans.

Mesut Özil.

Özil text: “Germany is not Iceland”

7 Jul 2016 German midfielder Mesut Özil has reportedly sent a text message to his French Arsenal team-mate, Laurent Kosielny, warning him that “Germany is not Iceland”.

Could Iceland Euro 2016 effect lead to Lemon world expansion?

7 Jul 2016 The Euro 2016 media spotlight on Iceland has certainly not gone unnoticed by Icelandic sandwich and juice chain Lemon, with management now contemplating expansion into Europe, America and Asia.

The word France shown in inverted commas.

Iceland FA slams far-right racist Euro 2016 image

7 Jul 2016 The Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ) has condemned the unauthorised use of a photograph of an Icelandic player on a race-related image published by a Danish far-right nationalist political party.

Icelandic fans at Euro 2016.

Fans look to bring British Euro 2016 stab victim to Iceland

6 Jul 2016 A group of Iceland fans who went to France to support their home team at Euro 2016 are now clubbing together to invite a British supporter who was stabbed in Paris on Sunday to see a football match in Iceland.

François Hollande, President of France.

French President in admiration of Iceland fans

5 Jul 2016 French President Franço­is Hollande was so captivated by the joy and jubilation of the Iceland fans after a 5-2 defeat that he ignored the requests of his security team at the stadium to stay behind and watch.

National football team preoccupied by their smartphones

5 Jul 2016 When the Icelandic national football team was celebrated in the city centre last night, astute viewers noted that every single member of the team was on the phone.

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Swedes more interested in Iceland at Euro 2016 than Sweden

5 Jul 2016 The world seems to have adopted Iceland in recent weeks during their admirable showing of our national football team at Euro 2016 – and perhaps no country more so than Sweden.




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