Iceland’s famous Euro 2016 Viking clap HÚH! now as a tattoo

Photo: Málfríður Sigrúnardóttir

Iceland supporter Bjarni Þór Kristjánsson has taken football fandom to a new level by getting a tattoo on his calf of Iceland and the now-famous HÚH! Viking clap chant.

“I had wanted to get a tattoo of Iceland and the flag since I was seventeen, just because I love my country,” he says. “Once Iceland qualified for Euro 2016, I decided to go for it.”

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“Seeing all those wonderful fans in the terraces shouting ‘HÚH!’ filled me with national pride so I decided to add that to the design,” Kristjánsson explains.

He was not in France for Euro 2016 but is determined to follow Iceland to their next international tournament . He has been a life-long supporter of the Icelandic team Leiknir and England’s Manchester United.

The tattoo was made by Málfríður Sigrúnardóttir at the Tattoo & Skart tattooists in Reykjavik.


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