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Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, on a Reykjavík Music Walk.

Reykjavík Music Walk/Talk

30 May If you’re interested in the Icelandic music scene, you might enjoy visiting some of the landmark sites of Iceland’s pop and rock history.

From the Reykjavík Zoo.

Seals to Be Protected in Reykjavík

10 May The environment and public health board of Reykjavík City has voted to approve a proposal, making the hunting of seals along the Reykjavík coastline and by river mouths within the city limits illegal.

This is what Hlemmur square may look like in the future.

Pedestrian Zone Planned at Hlemmur

5 May There are plans to create a large pedestrian zone around Hlemmur square in Reykjavík.

From a food market.

Food Market Planned in Laugardalur

4 May Reykjavík City officials aim to set up a food market in Laugardalur for July.

From Laugavegur.

Pedestrian Streets Planned in Reykjavík

10 Apr Planning is underway to transform certain streets in downtown Reykjavík into permanent pedestrian streets.

Steingrímur Gauti in front of some of his works. His exhibition opens on Friday

Steingrímur Gauti opens at Gallerí Tveir Hrafnar on Friday

1 Nov Icelandic artist Steingrímur Gauti Ingólfsson will be opening his third solo exhibition of paintings in Gallerí Tveir Hrafnar in Reykjavik on Friday. Ingólfsson, who graduated from the fine arts department at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2015 paints large, sparse, abstract expanses on canvas.

The small marine sausage , erect and happy in Lake Tjörnin.

Raised eyebrows in Reykjavik over new lake sculpture

29 Oct A two metre high sculpture in Lake Tjörnin on Saturday has created quite a stir, mostly due to the fact that it resembles erect male genitalia. The artist, however, says that it's not a penis, but a small marine sausage.

From downtown Reykjavík.

Downtown apartment sales slower than expected

22 Aug 2018 There are indications that apartments in downtown Reykjavík are selling more slowly than investors had hoped.

Tap water in Reykjavik is safe for consumption.

Reykjavik tap water safe for consumption

16 Jan 2018 Health authorities in Iceland have issued a statement saying that water in Reykjavik is deemed safe for consumption.

The city plans to raise a three story building in Hverfisgata 41.

110 year old town house in central Reykjavik to be turned into three story building

5 Jan 2018 The Reykjavik Planning and Environmental Committee has put forward a change to the land-use plan of Hverfisgata 41 in central Reykjavik. This means that small, corrogated iron clad town houses, something which characterised the street will diminish.

Rósenberg had been a music venue since 2004 but is now going to be turned into an Irish pub.

Two popular music venues in Reykjavik close down

9 Nov 2017 Rósenberg, located in Klapparstígur in central Reykjavik and Græna herbergið in Lækjargata, also in the city centre have recently closed down. The City of Reykjavik might look into giving support to music venues in the city to prevent them from closing down.


A tourist attacked downtown Reykjavík

27 Oct 2017 Last night around 7 o'clock two men attacked a tourist in front of the grocery store Bónus on Reykjavík's main street Laugavegur. The tourist who comes from Thailand was taken to the hospital with internal injuries and had to undergo surgery.

Rachael Ray

Rachel Ray’s studio audience invited to Iceland

27 Oct 2017 The Rachel Ray show had a surprise for its studio audience when it gifted everyone present a trip to Iceland.

Acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog is a guest of honour at the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

Reykjavik International Film Festival kicks off on Thursday

27 Sep 2017 the Reykjavík International Film Festival, will be held from 28th of September to 8th of October. This years guests of honour are Werner Herzog and Olivier Assayas.

Tourists aren't shopping for puffin toys so much anymore.

Downturn in Puffin shops in Iceland

16 Sep 2017 Tourists are spending less money in Iceland and the puffin shops are the ones hit the hardest.




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