Could Iceland Euro 2016 effect lead to Lemon world expansion?

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg

The Euro 2016 media spotlight on Iceland has certainly not gone unnoticed by Icelandic sandwich and juice chain Lemon, with management now contemplating expansion into Europe, America and Asia.

According to Eva Gunn­ars­dótt­ir, franchise-holder for Lemon in Paris, much of France’s major media have contacted her for interviews, and even the UK’s BBC had a live broadcast from the Icelandic eatery in Paris on the morning of the Iceland-France match.

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Lemon opened in Reykjavik in 2013, and then in March this year in the French capital’s central 2 nd arrondissement , just off the famous pedestrian street Rue Montorgeuil.

Lemon in Paris.

Lemon in Paris.

“The huge swell in interest in the Paris branch of Lemon has also generated huge interest in opening Lemon branches in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK, the US and even Asia,” says a Lemon press release.

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“It will be exciting to see what this huge interest in Lemon will bring over the coming months and years. But from what we are hearing, it will not be long before many more Lemon restaurants will open in various markets.”

According to the company’s website , “Lemon offer fresh juicy food, prepared on site from the best possible ingredients. […] Providing gourmet food and a unique atmosphere is our passion.”

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Eva Gunnarsdóttir.

Eva Gunnarsdóttir.




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