Euro 2016 fanzone to return for Iceland’s women in 2017

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg

After the excitement of last night’s Euro 2016 final, the fanzone on Reykjavik’s central Ingólfstorg square is now being quietly dismantled – but organisers pledge it will be back this time next year for the nation to cheer on its women at Euro 2017.

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Iceland are within spitting distance of earning their place in Euro 2017 in the Netherlands after a blistering qualification campaign in which they have not conceded a single goal in six matches.

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The organisers of this year’s Euro 2016 fanzone are keen to repeat the initiative next year should the women’s team qualify to the finals.

Iceland's women have reached the Euro quarter-finals three times.

Iceland's women have reached the Euro quarter-finals three times. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert

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“Reykjavik locals can look forward to next summer and sitting in the sun a year from now to watch the Icelandic women’s national teams play exciting matches at Euro 2017” says Reykjavik City Council.

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The ladies have just two matches left to play – against Slovenia on 16 September and against Scotland four days later.




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