Transport Minister and leader of the Progressive Party Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson.

Growing opposition to the EU's third energy package

28 Nov The central committee of the centrist Progressive Party recently issued a policy statement following its autumn meeting saying that Iceland should seek a derogation from adopting the European Union’s third energy package through the country’s membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) and that the EU’s energy legislation does not suit Icelandic circumstances.

Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson.

Iceland's energy not for the EU to decide

22 Mar 2018 Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson says Iceland's energy matters are not an issue that Icelanders should have to discuss with the European Union in Brussels. The country's energy matter are simply not a "Single Market issue" he said in a debate in the Icelandic parliament this morning.

Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson.

Rising doubts over Iceland's EEA membership

13 Feb 2018 "The time has come in my opinion for us in Parliament to take into serious consideration what the position of the EFTA countries is based on the EEA Agreement when such demands are made by the European Union."

Bjarni Benediktsson, leader of the Independence Party.

Will not support an EU referendum

6 Jan 2017 Referendum on whether Iceland should re-apply for membership of the European Union would not be in line with the policy of the conservative Independence Party ('Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn') party leader Bjarni Benediktsson said earlier this week.

Is Iceland now the most expensive country in the world?

5 Dec 2016 A strengthening national currency and rising prices mean that Iceland has by now probably toppled Switzerland from the top spot of richest countries in the world, figures suggest.

Iceland’s volcanoes and hot springs to power UK homes?

29 Nov 2016 A proposed submarine power cable taking Icelandic green energy to the UK is now one step closer to becoming a reality, after a French asset company agreed to stump up with a major cash contribution.

Party leaders discussed matters over the weekend.

Still no clarity on who will form Iceland’s next government

29 Nov 2016 Three days after Iceland’s political parties were told by the President to sort out a new government for themselves, there is still no sign of formal coalition talks getting under way.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Over two-thirds of Icelanders want a vote on EU membership talks

21 Oct 2016 68% of respondents to a political compass survey produced by Icelandic broadcaster RÚV have indicated that they want a referendum on resuming talks on joining the European Union (EU).

Prime Minister Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, leader of the Progressive Party.

Time to reconsider Iceland's EEA membership

12 Oct 2016 The time has come to measure the success of Iceland's membership of the European Economic Area and the Schengen cooperation and consider alternatives, according to a newly adopted foreign policy of the governing Progressive Party.

Icelanders remain opposed to EU membership

29 Sep 2016 A majority of Icelanders remain opposed to joining the European Union (EU), according to a new opinion poll conducted by MMR. This has been the case for over seven years.

Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir (left) and Poul Michelsen (right).

Iceland supports Faroese application to join EFTA

23 Aug 2016 Iceland’s Foreign Minister has declared her full support for the accession of the Faroe Islands to the European Free Trade Area (EFTA).

Iceland government prepares for Brexit fallout

22 Aug 2016 An Icelandic cabinet meeting decided last Thursday to set up an inter-ministerial committee to deal with the effects of the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU).

Polls show a majority of Icelanders are currently opposed to EU membership, but a majority also favours continued negotiations.

MPs call for referendum on Iceland-EU membership talks

19 Aug 2016 An Icelandic opposition party is proposing a referendum on Iceland’s resuming accession talks with the European Union (EU) to be held on the same day as early general elections this year.

The falling pound makes Iceland a more expensive place for Brits.

Plummeting pound makes Iceland more expensive for Brits

15 Aug 2016 Iceland is becoming an ever more expensive proposition for British tourists as the pound sterling (GBP) continues its sharp fall against the Icelandic króna.

Growing opposition in Iceland for joining the European Union

27 Jul 2016 A growing number of Icelanders are against joining the European Union (EU) according to a new poll conducted by MMR.


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