The biosphere in lake Mývatn is in many ways unique.

18 pictures of magical Mývatnssveit in North Iceland

14 May 2017 Mývatnssveit is an area of extremes in North Iceland. Lake Mývatn with its deep blue colour surrounded by old craters, bubbling clay in Námaskarð geothermal area. The green vegetation in the warm summers and blue of the biting frost in winter.

Vaðlaheiðargöng tunnel is only a few kilometres from Akureyri, North Iceland.

Mountain road between Akureyri and Mývatn soon a thing of the past

27 Apr 2017 Tomorrow a final blast will open a tunnel that will replace Víkurskarð mountain pass, which connects Akureyri to the beautiful natural pearls, and towns, of North East Iceland.

From filming on location in North Iceland.

First trailer of Fast & Furious – starring Iceland

13 Dec 2016 Here is the first trailer for the new Fast & Furi­ous 8 action movie, scenes of which were filmed in Iceland, particularly on the frozen Mývatn lake in North Iceland.

Note to tourists: Don't go rowing on Lake Mývatn.

Tourist fined for sailing on Iceland's Lake Mývatn

14 Jun 2016 A tourist was stopped by police when he was rowing on a boat on Lake Mývatn in North Iceland and fined.

VIDEO: The real star of Fast 8 – Iceland!

7 Jun 2016 The producers of the new Fast and Furious 8 film have released a 48-second video featuring footage from some of the scenes filmed in Iceland.

PHOTOS: Unique aerial shots of new mountain waterfall

3 Jun 2016 Water from melting snow in the mountains above the ravine has flown together to make a river, which is now falling as this stunning new waterfall in the Seljahjallagil ravine.

Iceland’s Mývatn lake “on the brink of total collapse”

12 May 2016 An Icelandic MP has pleaded for the government to provide funds to deal with drainage issues at the iconic Mývatn lake in North Iceland and save what remains of its wildlife.

Mývatn, North Iceland.

“Disaster response needed” for Iceland’s Mývatn lake

6 May 2016 Action needs to be taken without delay to protect the wildlife in Iceland’s popular Mývatn lake and adjacent rivers, says an Icelandic MP.

The ecosystem at Mývatn is in danger, says local fishermen.

Serious concerns about wildlife at iconic Icelandic lake

2 May 2016 A mysterious decline in wildlife at Iceland’s famous Mývatn lake is very worrying and the government must do something about it, say local fishermen.

Tanks and army vehicles zooming around on the frozen lake.

Fast 8 machines falling through frozen lake

1 Apr 2016 A digger and a tractor used during shooting of the new Fast and Furious movie at Iceland’s famous Mývatn lake have been involved in two separate breaking ice incidents.

Beautiful lake Mývatn in winter.

Winter freeze at Lake Mývatn with temperatures of -22 C

30 Mar 2016 It may be April 1st on Friday but it's definitely still winter at Lake Mývatn in North Iceland with temperatures plunging to -22 C and -25.3 in the Mýlandsöræfi highlands.

From the film set.

VIDEO: Tanks and trucks invade Iceland’s Mývatn

30 Mar 2016 Footage of the Iceland filming set for the new Fast and Furious 8 film was released yesterday.

Shooting for Fast 8 is currently taking place in the vicinity of Mývatn in North Iceland - here looking much more summery that it is right now.

Fast 8’s Tyr­ese Gibson braving Icelandic weather

29 Mar 2016 Tyr­ese Gibson, who plays Roman in the Fast and Furious series, arrived in Iceland this morning and seems somewhat put out by the wintry conditions affecting the country this week.

One horse dead and one injured due to Fast and Furious filming

14 Mar 2016 Part of the set of Fast and Furious, a fake iceberg, was blown in this weekend's storm into a horse inclosure in Mývatnssveit, North Iceland.

Photo: Árni Sæberg

The car stars of Fast and the Furious 8

7 Mar 2016 According to sources, star of the film Vin Diesel will be travelling to Iceland early this week.




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