PHOTOS: Unique aerial shots of new mountain waterfall


Huge quantities of melting snow in the mountainous areas near Mývatn, North Iceland, have created a temporary new river and waterfall – captured on film from the air by Kristinn Ingi Pétursson.

“The ravine of Seljahjallagil features rocky pinnacles and some of the most beautiful columnar basalt in Iceland,” says the tour guide and amateur photographer, “and it is a rare sight to see a waterfall here.”

“I don’t know how long this waterfall will live, but it is still there now,” he explains.

Water from melting snow in the mountains above the ravine has flown together to make a river, which is now falling as this stunning new waterfall in the Seljahjallagil ravine.

Seljahjallagil was declared a protected site by the Environment Agency of Iceland back in 2012, with a view to conserving the ravine’s rock formations and protecting it as a site of educational and recreational value.

Petúrsson’s shots were taken from an aircraft last Sunday.





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