Winter freeze at Lake Mývatn with temperatures of -25 C

Beautiful lake Mývatn in winter.

Beautiful lake Mývatn in winter. Birkir Fanndal Haraldsson

It may be April 1st on Friday but it's definitely still winter at Lake Mývatn in North Iceland with temperatures plunging to  -22 C and -25.3 in the Mýlandsöræfi highlands. 

"It's probably one of the coldest spells we've seen this winter," says meterologist Haraldur Eiríksson at the Iceland Met Office. "The weather was very cold and still up north last night so this wasn't surprising."

Guðrún Brynleifsdóttir at the Mývatnsstofa tourist board says that this much frost is not unusual for this time of year and doesn't affect the tourist industry in the area. "No one has told us that the frost is affecting their business."

She is however most worried about those tourists who stay overnight in their cars and that people have to realise that conditions are quite different at Lake Mývatn and the surrounding area than they are down south. 

"People are very surprised at just how much snow there's still here."


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