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NEVER DO THIS: A tourist risking her life at the powerful Gullfoss falls in South Iceland.

Tourist risks her life for a selfie at Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland

24 Sep A tourist put herself in enormous danger in the rocks at Gullfoss waterfall in South Iceland for the purpose of a photograph.


Austrian tourists threatened with police when they pitch up tent in Reykjavik

5 Sep Three tired Austrian tourists arriving late in the night to Iceland decided to camp overnight at Rauðavatn lake in a suburb of Reykjavik. This morning an angry lady told them to leave because she had called the police.

By no mean should anyone ever go swimming at Reynisfjara beach. People need to stay far away from the surf because of sneaker waves.

Group of boy scouts visiting Iceland swim at dangerous Reynisfjara beach

12 Jul A group of boy scouts were observed swimming at Iceland's most dangerous beach yesterday, diving in and letting the waves catch them. The undercurrent at Reynisfjara is extremely strong and the beach has claimed two lives recently.

The tourist decided to go to the toilet right next to this highway, one of the busiest in the whole of Iceland.

Tourist takes a dump at side of busy Keflavik airport route

7 Jul Ármann Óskarsson, student in industrial engineering caught footage of a foreign tourist doing a no.2 on one of the busiest roads in Iceland. He says he mainly just thought it was hilarious.

Finding a cheap place to stay in Iceland can be difficult.

Tourists knock on residents doors looking for a place to stay in West Iceland

21 Jun Guðrún Helga Árnadóttir who lives in the town of Borgarnes in West Iceland says that two French tourists knocked on her front door and asked to stay the night. She said no as she didn't know them and found this uncomfortable.

Over 3000 visitors are expected to visit Harpa this summer.

Reykjavik's Harpa concert hall puts a ban on tourists sleeping or making sandwiches there

20 Jun Guests at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre have been increasingly making use of the building as "a kind of bus terminal or place to sleep, or to make sandwiches in various parts of the building," says statement from Harpa.

The tourists pitched up a tent right next to the playschool, where  children from 2- 5 years of age attend.

Tourists poo next to playschool in East Iceland

13 Jun Staff at Tjarnarskógur playschool in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland have noticed tourists camping next to the playschool fence and going to the toilet within view of staff and children.

People have been "writing" names and phrases on the hill by tearing up the moss.

“Send nudes” written in moss in South Iceland

12 Jun Over the last years people have been “writing” on a hill by Nesjavallaleið in South Iceland. They do this by tearing up the moss, which can easily take decades to grow back. People write names and phrases like LIFE and send nudes.

The privy had locked to store a number of suitcases securely.

Outdoor toilet used as luggage storage in East Iceland

8 Jun Halla Eyþórsdóttir was surprised when she found an outdoor toilet she’s hired to clean padlocked. She broke up the lock to find it full of suitcases. The owners were sleeping in a car parked next to the privy.

Svartifoss waterfall is in the south part of the national parkþ

Tourists charged for illegally camping in Vatnajökull national park

6 Jun Rangers from Vatnajökull national park will travel around the park over the summer and charge people who are camping illegally. The problem, according to assistant manager, is that there are no toilet facilities in these places, people will use the side of the road or parking lot instead.

Árni Tryggvason is a guide, a SAR team member, a photographer and now a writer.

A new guide book for tourists on how to behave in Iceland

14 May "What, where and how," is a new and complete guidebook in English written for tourists by guide Árni Tryggvason who bases the book on his extensive experience.

The Laxárbakki hotel in West Iceland where the incident occurred.

Iceland police make tourists spotted urinating outside hotel pick up toilet paper

11 Apr The West Iceland police report an incident on their Facebook page of having to interfere when they spotted four women urinating just outside the Laxárbakki hotel.

This photo of a pooping tourist caused quite a stir yesterday.

Pooping tourist "Mainly broke manner rules" says local police

6 Apr Police believe the tourist probably broke Icelandic law and the local district council say they need funding for more public toilets.

The man decided to poo at the post box. He just smirked when the farmer told him it was disgusting.

Icelandic farmer outraged as tourist poops next to postbox

5 Apr Farmer Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson in Fljótsdalur, South Iceland, was less than pleased at the sight of a tourist with his pants down doing a number two at the farm's post box in the driveway. He has had enough of tourists pooping wherever they please in Iceland

The latest tourist craze in Reykavik began on Tuesday, building these things on the shoreline.

Tourists build cairns next to Harpa concert hall for no apparent reason

16 Feb 2017 Cairns, man-made piles of stones have been making a rapid appearance on the shoreline below Harpa concert hall and conference centre at the heart of Reykjavik. Tourists began building them on Tuesday and since then they're multiplying very fast.


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