Tourists pitch up tent in someone's garden in Reykjavik

The people living in Birtingakvísl, a street in Árbær in Reykjavik were not too happy on Monday morning when they discovered two tourists who had pitched up a tent in their garden. 

"There's an elderly lady here in the next apartment and she was a bit scared. They had put their backpacks outside the tent and a cloth over it so she thought there was a person lying there. She thought they were homeless people," says Heimir Jónsson who lives in one of the apartments in the building. He told the men to leave and adds that they were French and friendly. "They pitched up their tent on Sunday night and didn't get up until midday on Monday, and started munching on Icelandic "flatkökur" (flat bread) and protein bars."

Jónsson told the men that he would call the police if they didn't pack up their tent and leave. He says that they were surprised at this. "They didn't speak very good English, I told them to take their rubbish with them and they didn't understand."

The men left on foot and Jónsson thinks it's likely that they were hitchhiking, as Ártúnshöfði is a popular hitchhiking spot for tourists, even in the cold month of February. 




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