Tourists knock on residents doors looking for a place to stay in West Iceland

Finding a cheap place to stay in Iceland can be ...

Finding a cheap place to stay in Iceland can be difficult.Árni Sæberg

 Guðrún Helga Árnadóttir who lives in the town of Borgarnes in West Iceland says that two French tourists knocked on her front door and asked to stay the night. She said no as she didn't know them and found this uncomfortable. 

Speaking to Morgunblaðið, Árnadóttir  says that they seemed to think this was quite normal. "As if this was quite a normal way to travel."

Árnadóttir who lives in an apartment building says that the tourists knocked on every door in the building to no avail and then proceeded to the next.  "That's when I decided to confront them. I told them that this was simply not done, they were trespassing on private property." 

According to Árnadóttir the tourists took these remarks very badly and proceeded to keep looking for a place to stay, which they found in the end. Speaking to Morgunblaðið she says that if tourists are tryingn to save money by staying at people's homes, there are plenty of websites that direct people to homes offering this type of accommodation. "It's not the first time either that this happens. "

Borgarnes is a town in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland.

Borgarnes is a town in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland.ður Bogi Sævarsson




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