American couple get married inside the Hlemmur food hall in Reykjavik

Hlemmur Mathöll, the new food hall at Hlemmur is enormously popular with both locals and tourists. It's actually so popular that a couple from the US recently tied the knot inside the building. 

Couple Jennifer and Eric Stover had eaten at Skál, a small restaurant inside the food hall several times. According to waitress Anna Dagbjört Styrmisdóttir at Skál the couple loved the venue and said, "Wow, this is an amazing place, we could get married here."

It turns out that they were dead serious about the idea. "They love good food and drink and wanted to get married in such a place in Iceland. They had Icelandic lopapeysa sweaters knit for themselves and then turned up with a guy who was going to marry them. The staff at Skál were really excited and when the moment arrived, I had trouble holding back tears. It was so wonderfully simple and down-to-earth." 

When the couple put on their wedding rings, the staff opened a bottle of champagne. "It was an honour to be present at the ceremony," says Styrmisdóttir. 

The happy couple then flew to Paris where they are spending their honeymoon. 




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