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Katrín Jakobsdóttir accepts the Icelandic brand.

Icelandic Group turns over Icelandic brand to the Icelandic nation

13 Apr Yesterday, the the representatives of Icelandic Group ehf, turned over ownership of the brands Icelandic and Icelandic Seafood to Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, as a representative of the Icelandic nation.

Óli, or Ólafur, in front of Hagavagninn, an old hot dog stand at Vesturbæjarlaug.

Hamburger haven to open next to West Reykjavik swimming pool

17 Mar The hot dog stand next to Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool will be transformed into a gourmet food truck by May. The new manager is Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, known for managing Michelin star restaurant Dill and food market Krás in the city centre.

Reykjavik's first large scale data center to be built in Reykjavik this year

28 Feb Reykjavik's first large scale data center will be built this year at Korputorg. Agreements were signed on Sunday the 26of February 2018. The sustainable, free-cooling, Tier III state-of-the-art datacenter will be owned by Opin Kerfi,

This is what the packaging will look like for the US market.

Lýsi now marketed in the US

6 Feb Icelandic Trademark Holding,owner of the trademarks Icelandic, Icelandic Seafood and Margildi ehf., have signed a licencing contract for the marketing and sale of Icelandic fish oil using the brand name Icelandic Fish Oil in the US. Distrubution and sale will commence later this year.

Siggi's skyr is made with milk from farmers in the New York district.

Siggi's skyr sold to French dairy company

5 Jan Lactalis, a French dairy company has bought Siggi's skyr, a company owned by an Icelander which sells skyr in 25 thousand stores in the US.

Gray Line coaches.

Merger of Iceland Travel and Gray Line

9 Aug According to an announcement, an agreement has been reached on the merger of Iceland Travel ehf., which is fully owned by Icelandair Group and Gray Line Iceland., which is jointly owned by the founders of the company and Akur fjárfestingar slhf. Following the merger, Icelandair Group will own 70% of the merged company, while the owners of Gray Line will own 30%.

Owner Erna Kaaber says that deep fried food is not unhealthy if you use the right ingredients.

Icelandic Fish and Chips open New York Branch

14 Jun On June 25th, Icelandic Fish and Chips, which as the name implies is an Icelandic fish and chips restaurant, opens a branch in New York.

Costco has lowered the price of this TV by six thousand ISK since its opening.

Icelanders fall in love with Costco

29 May The arrival of Costco in Iceland has had an extremely welcome reception by Icelanders and over 60 thousand people have joined a Facebook page where people compare prices and their experience of the store.

Startup Iceland takes place at Harpa Concert hall and Conference Centre

Startup Iceland Explores Health and Personal Data in a Post-GDPR Digital Economy

27 May Startup Iceland, taking place in Reykjavik Iceland 31 May - 1 June 2017, will dive into the implications and opportunities of the impending Europe GDPR on personal data and digital health and what that may mean globally for digital companies and the people who use their services.

The litre of petrol at Costco goes for  169,9 Icelandic kronas.

Costco sells the cheapest petrol in Iceland

22 May Costco have begun selling petrol outside their store at Kauptún in Garðabær at 169.9 ISK per litre. This is the cheapest petrol price in Iceland. Costco will open their highly anticipated store tomorrow, Tuesday.

Brett Vigelskas expects huge crowds at the opening of Costco next Tuesday.

Search and Rescue teams employed for Costco's Iceland opening

18 May US based Costco Wholesale is expecting its largest opening ever when it opens a warehouse store in Iceland next week. Search and rescue teams will be at hand for crowd control and to assist store employees. "We expect it to be crazy,"says manager Brett Vigelskas.

TopShop in Kringlan.

TopShop in Iceland closes

17 May The two branches of Top Shop in Iceland will be closing this summer. The Smáralind shopping mall branch closes this month and the one in the Kringlan shopping mall closes in August.

Tulpop merchandise is extremely popular with Icelandic children - and adults as well!

Icelandic Tulipop characters to become a cartoon series

3 May The enchanting characters and their world created by design company Tulipop will soon come to life in a new cooperation with US company WildBrain.

The team at Icelandic production company Tjarnargatan.

Two international awards for Icelandic production company

3 Oct 2016 Tjarnargatan, an Icelandic production company, just received two awards at the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin for “Keep Focused”, a memorable campaign that contributed to increased road safety and raised awareness of the dangers of driver being distracted by the mobile phones.

View on Iceland: Tourism, Heavy Metal and Startups

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You can touch the little ice-ghosts.

Sophisticated wildness

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You can touch the little ice-ghosts.

Sophisticated wildness

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