Christmas lights in central Reykjavik.

Christmas opening hours

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Hangikjöt is a traditional smoked lamb.

Hangikjöt remains Iceland's most popular Christmas meal

23 Dec Hangikjöt, the traditional smoked lamb is the most popular dish to eat on Christmas Day according to new figures. Sixty-nine percent of Icelanders are going to eat hangikjöt on December 25th.

Icelanders flock to town on Þorláksmessa, or the mass of St.Þorlákur.

Last day of Christmas shopping- the mass of St.Þorlákur

22 Dec December 23rd is called the mass of St.Þorlákur in Iceland. It's a day when shops are open until 11 pm and people flock to the city centre to shop, meet people and get into the Christmas spirit.

Children decorating piparkökur, or ginger biscuits.

Five Christmas foods to try in Iceland

11 Dec Here are some of the traditional foods you might encounter in Iceland during the holiday season.

The yule cat before being lit.

Reykjavik purchases its very own yule cat

27 Nov A new statue of the Icelandic yule cat was revealed last weekend in Lækjartorg in the city centre. It's a five metre tall and fairly creepy statue of this strange folkloric being, known for eating children who didn't get new clothes for Christmas.

Turkey with all the trimmings at Haust restaurant.

A Magical American Christmas buffet in Reykjavik

27 Nov Haust offers a wonderful American style Christmas buffet for the whole family this December.

A little girl who is half Icelandic and half Norwegian,  Sóley Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, hit the light switch for the tree. Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson is holding her in this photograph.

Lights of the Oslo Christmas tree lit in Reykjavik city centre

4 Dec 2017 Crowds of people attended the annual lighting ceremony of the Oslo Christmas tree at Austurvöllur Parliament square yesterday.

A new five course Christmas menu at hip Kex Hostel

2 Dec 2017 Get into the Christmas spirit at Kex Hostel in central Reykjavik who began their month of Christmas celebrations, KEXmas, yesterday. This year they're presenting a gorgeous five course Christmas lunch menu served between midday and 3 pm daily.

The Oslo tree at Austurvöllur last year.

Reykjavik's Oslo Christmas tree to be lit on Sunday

30 Nov 2017 The annual lighting of the Christmas tree donated to Reykjavik by the city of Oslo will take place on Sunday December 3rd at Austurvöllur parliament square. This year the tree is actually an Icelandic one, from the Norwegian section of the forest in Heiðmörk.

Families enjoying the ice skating rink last year.

The ice skating rink at Ingólfstorg opens on December 1st

26 Nov 2017 The ice skating rink sponsored by telecommunications company Nova opens at 7 pm on December 1st in the Reykjavik city centre. The rink is extremely popular with children during the Christmas season.

Children and adults alike love the art of leaf bread making.

Icelandic Leaf Bread Workshop on Viðey Island!

24 Nov 2017 On Sunday 26th November, Margrét Sigfúsdóttir, the Head of Hússtjórnarskólinn – a local school of Icelandic culinary arts and crafts – will be teaching guests at Viðey island the art of making traditional Icelandic leaf bread (laufabrauð).

The IKEA goat is the first sign of Christmas in Iceland.

IKEA Yule Goat has arrived

13 Oct 2017 The Swedish Yule goat, made of straw, has once again been erected outside IKEA in the suburbs of Reykjavik and heralds the coming of Christmas. The big question, as usual, is: will somebody set it on fire this year?

In Reykjavik for New Year's Eve? Make Harpa the location for your New Year's Eve countdown.

New Year's Eve countdown at Reykjavik's stunning concert hall

27 Dec 2016 Harpa concert and conference hall in the centre of Reykjavik joins other renowned landmarks who have made a tradition to countdown to the New Year.

There is a festive version of the Icelandic spirit Brennivín, also known as Black Death.

The Icelandic Christmas spirit?

24 Dec 2016 The producers of the famous Icelandic spirit, Brennivín or Black Death, have released a new version of this classic for Christmas. The new version has a festive red label. It is aged in sherry and bourbon caskets which adds a flavour of oak and vanilla to the characteristic caraway flavour of Brennivín.

Vínbúðin is the only store allowed to sell alcohol in Iceland.

Accessing alcohol over the holidays

23 Dec 2016 There is only one state-owned brand of stores that sells alcohol in Iceland. The opening hours are limited and they are closed on Sundays and most public holidays. So if you are travelling in Iceland and plan to have a drink over the holidays, it's wise to think ahead.

There are many tourists visiting Reykjavik over the holidays.

Opening hours over the holidays

23 Dec 2016 Where to go over Christmas, will it be open and can you get there? Here’s a list of some top things you want to know when are open and closed if you are visiting Iceland right now.


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