Plans to Fly to 11 Destinations During Holiday Season

Vala Hafstað

Icelandair plans to fly to and from 11 destinations during the holiday season, reports. Tickets for December 16-January 10 are now for sale. The airline expects numerous Icelanders who live abroad to be coming home for Christmas.

Health authorities have recommended that those who intend to come home do so by December 18 to ensure they will have spent the required time in quarantine by Christmas Eve.

Icelandair’s European destinations will include Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin. In the US, the destinations will be Boston, New York and Seattle.

The company issued the following statement:

“Icelandair will strive to transport passengers to their destinations by Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Conditions keep changing in the markets where the airline operates, and should any flight be canceled, this will be announced well in advance, and Icelandair will solve the passengers’ issues.”

“We notice an increased interest in flying during the holidays,” CEO Bogi Nils Bogason states, “especially among Icelanders who want to come home and spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with their families. Our important role is to ensure reliable transportation to and from the country, and we intend to meet this demand by offering more destinations and more frequent flights than we have been able to offer during the past weeks. Should any changes be made to the schedule, we will do everything in our power to bring our passengers to their destinations,” he concludes.




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