There are advantages to visiting an 'empty' island.

Enjoying Iceland Without the Crowds

19 Jun 2020 Among the first visitors to arrive in Iceland on Monday was a crew of CNN reporters.

COVID-19 has not yet been confirmed in Iceland, but it is expected to spread here.

Increased Anxiety in Iceland, due to Negative News

28 Feb 2020 A flood of negative news in Icelandic media lately has led to increased anxiety in society, states Óttar Guðmundsson, psychiatrist.

Mary Hockaday.

Women become increasingly visible at the BBC

3 Oct 2017 Mary Hockaday, one of the most senior executives at the BBC, says the objective is to focus on systematically improving women’s representation in senior leadership positions. Newspersons also need to reach out within society to women who have much to offer.

Radio hosts Auðun Georg Ólafsson, Sigríður Elva Vilhjálmsdóttir and Hulda Bjarnadóttir at the studio of K100. launches first visual radio station in Iceland

31 May 2017 Radio K100, owned by Icelandic company Árvakur who also run Morgunblaðið, and Iceland Monitor, has now also gone visual, being the first radio station in Iceland to do so.

Vexed East Icelanders tell weather forecasters to get out the way

19 Dec 2016 A Facebook group of disgruntled TV viewers has emerged calling on weather forecasters not to stand in front of and block East Iceland when presenting their bulletin.

New BBC programme on Icelandic search and rescue

24 Nov 2016 The BBC World Service has posted a new programme looking at the splendid work of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.

Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson playing for Iceland against Turkey on Sunday.

Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson in Top 50 Premier League players

11 Oct 2016 Icelandic midfielder Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson has made it into the ‘50 best players in the Premier League’ list currently being published by the British newspaper The Mirror.

What this couple WON’T miss when they leave Iceland

29 Aug 2016 This young couple making a new life in Denmark have made a video about the aspects of living in Iceland that they won’t miss once they are gone.

Football fans in hospital can now watch Euro 2016 for free.

Icelandic telecoms company gives sick children free Euro 2016 viewing

13 Jun 2016 Icelandic telecoms company Síminn has agreed to open its pay channels for all football matches in the ongoing Euro 2016 football finals for patients at the children’s ward at Iceland’s national hospital in Reykjavik.

Icelandic journalists eagerly awaiting news.

Iceland has least free press in the Nordics

20 Apr 2016 Iceland now ranks 19th in the world in the 2016 Reporters without Borders Press Freedom Index – some way below the other Nordic countries.

Photo: Wikipedia/David Iliff

British MP slammed for learning Icelandic

27 Jan 2016 Icelandic singled out as one of the foreign languages “shameless” British MPs have been learning.

Weather news provided by the Icelandic Met Office.

Anger over foreign accent news broadcast

10 Dec 2015 The weather news on RÚV is routinely provided by the Icelandic Met Office and on Monday was read out by a seismologist of the IMO with a detectable foreign accent.

The future of the Icelandic national broadcaster is uncertain.

RÚV “cultural forum for the nation”

13 Nov 2015 Iceland’s authors have come out in passionate defence of national broadcaster RÚV, in the face of criticism of how the broadcaster is managed and plans for its possible privatisation.

RÚV is in more debt than its revenue for an entire year.

RÚV demands additional funds from government

30 Oct 2015 The directors of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, have put forward demands to the Icelandic Government for an additional 5.9 billion ISK in funding.

RÚV headquarters in Reykjavik.

National broadcaster to be scrapped

26 Oct 2015 Iceland’s centre-right Independence Party passed a resolution at its party conference this weekend which could spell the end for Iceland’s national broadcaster RÚV.




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