National broadcaster to be scrapped

RÚV headquarters in Reykjavik.

RÚV headquarters in Reykjavik. Photo: Ómar Óskarsson

Iceland’s centre-right Independence Party passed a resolution at its party conference this weekend which could spell the end for Iceland’s national broadcaster RÚV.

The party proposes “selling certain State assets”, including the State’s share in Iceland’s national television and radio broadcaster, RÚV.

RÚV began radio broadcasting in 1930, followed by television broadcasting in 1966. It is a public-service broadcaster, funded by a licence fee and advertising, and covers the whole country. It currently operates one television station and two radio stations.

According to its own website, RÚV “is an independent public service broadcaster […] RÚV’s main obligation is to promote the Icelandic language, Icelandic history and Iceland’s cultural heritage.”

The Independence Party resolution brackets RÚV together with other “unnecessary” State assets – including the State’s share in certain financial institutions and Keflavík International Airport (KEF) – which are to be sold off.

The party supports scrapping RÚV in its current form and redefining the need for a national broadcaster.




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