The National Coastguard helicopter searching for the woman today at Reynisfjara .

Another death at Iceland's Reynisfjara beach

9 Jan 2017 The woman who fell into the ocean at Kirkjufjara, a part of the Reynisfjara beach close to Dyrhólaey died in today's tragedy according to a statement from the South Iceland police department.

Tourists running into the waves and laughing at Iceland's most dangerous beach.

Reckless behaviour to get the right photo

18 Oct 2016 Tourists at Reynisfjara beach see the warning signs but disregard the dangers according to a new University survey.

The girl who got into trouble climbing at Reynisfjara is on the photograph in a green jacket, accompanied by one of her rescuers,  Ívar Guðnason.

Tourist at Reynisfjara was stuck in the cliffs

26 May 2016 The tourist who was rescued from cliffs in Reynisfjara beach yesterday had climbed up but was unable to get down again.

Reynisfjara beach is a popular tourist spot but is one of the most dangerous places to visit in Iceland if you don't heed warning signs.

Rescue teams called out to rescue tourist at Reynisfjara beach in Iceland

25 May 2016 The local rescue team in Vík, South Iceland, has been called out to rescue a woman stuck on a cliff at Reynisfjara beach.

A dust devil in Mýrdalssandur.

Incredible "dust devil" phenomena at Iceland's black lava beaches

23 May 2016 Two foreign photographers, Lars Lehnert and Stefan Christman captured a rare phenomenon at Mýrdalssandur close to Vík on Iceland's south coast this weekend. They photographed a dust devil - a whirlwind made of sand.

Grótta lighthouse, Reykjavik.

PHOTOS: Capturing the perfect Iceland shot

4 May 2016 These stunning pictures of well-known Icelandic landmarks were taken by German photographer Alexander Müller.


Iceland beach danger signs often ignored

26 Apr 2016 Despite two fatal accidents at Iceland’s Reynisfjara beach, many visitors to the iconic beach seem still to be ignoring important safety information.

A woman was in grave danger of being swept out to sea on Sunday.

Tourists still putting their lives at risk at Iceland's most dangerous beach

19 Apr 2016 Despite new warning signs at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland, foreign tourists are still apparently clueless to the dangers posed by the strong currents which killed one person earlier this year.

This photo was taken only moments after the incident described in this article occurred.

Six people in grave danger on Reynisfjara beach

26 Feb 2016 Police stopped surveillance of Reynisfjara beach two days ago and instead brand new warning signs in several languages have been put up on the site. However, six foreign individuals were in grave danger as a wave knocked them down yesterday.

Tourists regularly put themselves in danger at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland.

Reynisfjara beach death: "The man's wife and children were in total shock."

14 Feb 2016 According to tour guide Hjálmar Georgsson who arrived at Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, just after a Chinese tourist perished in the waves says that only shortly after the accident, tourists were putting themselves in grave danger at the spot.

A Chinese man drowned yesterday when standing on this rock seen here in the middle of the photograph.

Reynisfjara beach death: Police publish photograph of where the man stood

11 Feb 2016 Police investigation has shown that the man was standing on this basalt pillar, taking photographs when the waves swept him it to sea.

The man, who was travelling in Iceland with his wife was standing in these basalt columns on the shore when the wave hit. (The photo is otherwise not connected with the incident.)

Reynisfjara beach death: The wave hit the basalt columns

10 Feb 2016 Further investigation into today's tragedy at Iceland's Reynisfjara beach has revealed that the man who drowned was climbing in the basalt columns on the shore when a wave hit him and dragged him down into the ocean.

The dangerous and unpredictable waves at Reynisfjara.

Iceland's most dangerous beach claims another life

10 Feb 2016 It's a cold, clear and beautiful day in South Iceland today and today, like every other day, tourists flock to the magnificent black sands of Reynisfjara beach. The waves, which seem harmless enough, took yet another life this morning, the life of a man travelling with his wife.

Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland

Tourist found dead at Reynisfjara beach

10 Feb 2016 A tourist was found dead at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland a few minutes ago.

The National Coastguard helicopter is on its way to Reynisfjara beach

Coast guard called out for emergency rescue at Reynisfjara beach

10 Feb 2016 The National Coastguard helicopter is on its way to Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland to rescue a man swept out to sea. Rescue teams are already there to search for the man.


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