PHOTOS: Capturing the perfect Iceland shot

Grótta lighthouse, Reykjavik.

Grótta lighthouse, Reykjavik. Photo: Alexander Müller

These stunning pictures of well-known Icelandic landmarks were taken by German photographer Alexander Müller.

Based in Saint Gallen, Switzerland, Alexander is currently enjoying a trip to Iceland, where these beautiful images were taken.

His work is mainly focused on dramatic land and cityscapes, black and white, fine art, and travel documentation.

“I constantly strive to get the shot right at the first attempt,” explains Alexander, “by means of detailed planning, composition and retouching.”

“Patience in waiting for the right moment to release the shutter is key to my work.”

You can see more of Alexander’s portfolio – including more shots of Iceland and elsewhere – both on Facebook and 500px. Enjoy!

Reykjavik City Hall.

Reykjavik City Hall. Photo: Alexander Müller

Kirkjufell, West Iceland.

Kirkjufell, West Iceland. Photo: Alexander Müller

Reynisfjara, South Iceland.

Reynisfjara, South Iceland. Photo: Alexander Müller




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