The damaged machinery shed and the pickup truck.

‘The Ground Appeared to Be Spinning’

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Grateful to Be Alive

18 Jan The 14-year-old girl, who for 40 minutes was buried in an avalanche in Flateyri, the West Fjords, Tuesday night, before being rescued, described the experience.

Children at play in Suðureyri yesterday.

Among World’s Largest Avalanches to Hit Deflecting Dams

17 Jan The avalanches that fell in Flateyri, the West Fjords, Tuesday night are among the largest in world to have hit deflecting dams.

Súðavík, 25 years ago.

Deadly Avalanche 25 Years Ago Remembered

16 Jan Twenty-five years ago today, an avalanche fell in the village Súðavík in the West Fjords, claiming 14 lives.

From Flateyri, after the avalanches fell.

Buried in Snow for 40 Minutes

16 Jan “Of course this wasn’t supposed to be able to happen,” Ísafjörður Mayor Guðmundur Gunnarsson tells

Road conditions at 12:11 pm.

Police Ask Travelers to Respect Road Closures

15 Jan The West Fjords Police Department asks people in the West Fjords to respect road closures.

Rescue workers getting on board the coast guard ship Þór in Ísafjörður.

‘Everything Trembled and Shook’

15 Jan “Everything trembled and shook, and we heard a rumble as the the slope exploded on the other side of the fjord.”

From Flateyri harbor.

Large Avalanches Hit Village in West Fjords

15 Jan Three large avalanches fell in the West Fjords shortly before midnight last night - two of them in the village of Flateyri and the third near the village of Suðureyri.

The crosswalk works well as a speed bump.

Optical Illusion of 3D Crosswalk

7 Dec An innovative way to slow down traffic in the town of Ísafjörður, in the West Fjords of Iceland, has received world-wide attention.

Eyrarfjall mountain, by Ísafjörður.

Gondola Lift in Ísafjörður?

1 Dec The company Odin Skylift is interested in installing a gondola lift in Eyrarfjall mountain, in Ísafjörður Municipality, the West Fjords.

­ Bolafjall mountain.

Spectacular View for You

29 Oct If you like heights and staring down a steep slope, you have something to look forward to in 2021.

Volunteers and the crew of the Icelandic Coast Guard ship, leaving Barðsvík.

One Cove: Six Tons of Trash

16 Jul On Sunday, volunteers from Hreinni Hornstrandir (Cleaner Hornstrandir) transported 6.3 tons of trash – mainly plastic – from the cove Barðsvík in the Hornstrandir nature reserve.

A view over Ísafjörður, the West Fjords.

Can’t Afford Being Your Little Sister

13 Jun The Icelandic town of Ísafjörður, the West Fjords, has rejected an application from the mayor of the Polish town Ustrzyki Dolne, who sought to establish a sister-city agreement between the two towns.

Thomasi Elguezabal.

‘In Iceland, I Can Be Myself’

9 Jun “I came to Norðurfjörður for the first time three years ago, but it’s been five years since I first visited Iceland.”

Driving into an avalanche danger zone is not a great idea.

Tourists disregard road barriers and drive into an avalanche in Iceland's West Fjords

20 Mar Two tourists sought police assistance after getting trapped between two avalanches, The two men had disregarded road barriers and were promptly rescued - and fined.

Surfing deep in the West Fjords of Iceland.

Surfing the remote West Fjords of Iceland beneath the Northern Lights

12 Jan 2018 A film called Under an Arctic Sky tells the story of a group of surfers who embark on a quest to find the perfect waves in deep winter. Surfing in Iceland is no game.




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