Volunteers and the crew of the Icelandic Coast Guard ship, leaving Barðsvík.

One Cove: Six Tons of Trash

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A view over Ísafjörður, the West Fjords.

Can’t Afford Being Your Little Sister

13 Jun The Icelandic town of Ísafjörður, the West Fjords, has rejected an application from the mayor of the Polish town Ustrzyki Dolne, who sought to establish a sister-city agreement between the two towns.

Thomasi Elguezabal.

‘In Iceland, I Can Be Myself’

9 Jun “I came to Norðurfjörður for the first time three years ago, but it’s been five years since I first visited Iceland.”

Driving into an avalanche danger zone is not a great idea.

Tourists disregard road barriers and drive into an avalanche in Iceland's West Fjords

20 Mar Two tourists sought police assistance after getting trapped between two avalanches, The two men had disregarded road barriers and were promptly rescued - and fined.

Surfing deep in the West Fjords of Iceland.

Surfing the remote West Fjords of Iceland beneath the Northern Lights

12 Jan 2018 A film called Under an Arctic Sky tells the story of a group of surfers who embark on a quest to find the perfect waves in deep winter. Surfing in Iceland is no game.

Sigurður Jónsson the sailor is called Búbbi.

Nature sailing in the high north

5 Nov 2017 Sigurður Jónsson, also known as Búbbi from Ísafjörður, treats the clients on his schooner like good guests and travelling companions as he shows them the magnificent Icelandic nature from the point of view of the sailor that he is.

The iceberg looming on the horizon.

Iceberg visible from Iceland's West Fjords

27 Sep 2017 A large iceberg is visible from the weather station in Litlu-Árvík in the remote Strandir region in the West Fjords.

The iceberg towers some 100 metres up into the sky. As comparison, the Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik measures 74.5 metres).

Gigantic iceberg floats west of Iceland's West Fjords

31 Aug 2017 A huge iceberg rising over 100 metres above the ocean surface floated 50 nautical miles (93 kilometres) west of Látrabjarg in the West Fjords last night. The photograph was captured by sailor Haraldur Hjálmarsson at 8.30 pm.

Fresh fish in Tálknafjörður.

Is this the best fishmongers in Iceland?

22 Aug 2017 Fresh fish for sale, reads the hand-written poster in remote Tálknafjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland. It's a sign for a self-service fishmongers where you simply just take your fish and leave money in a jar. The owners simply place good faith in their customers.

Árneshreppur in West Fjords to be deserted?

15 Jun 2017 Without extreme actions, Árneshreppur in Strandir in Iceland’s West Fjords will be deserted. This is the conclusion of a two day local summit.

Two of the group removing an old net from the beach.

Three tons of garbage gathered at Hornstrandir nature reserve

30 May 2017 A group of 30 volunteers went to Hornstrandir nature reserve last weekend, one of the most remote places in Iceland, and gathered 3 tons of garbage that had washed ashore.

Hornstrandir, the northernmost part of Iceland.

Top 22 things to see and do in the West Fjords

24 Apr 2017 There is no area in Iceland quite like the West Fjords. There are not many people, either locals or tourists. The roads take you from high mountain peaks down to narrow valleys with breath taking view, beautiful nature, waterfalls and birdlife.

Guests attending the popular Aldrei fór ég suður music festival in Ísafjörður.

Easter weekend in Iceland: Skiing and rock and roll

12 Apr 2017 There's plenty to do outside of Reykjavik at Easter. One of the most beloved music festivals of the year, Aldrei fór ég suður takes place in Ísafjörður and it coincides with official ski week.


Video: Life on a tiny remote island in Iceland

27 Mar 2017 "I don‘t feel as though I‘m isolated here, it doesn‘t annoy me. If the weather is bad I can‘t go anywhere but that‘s just fine. It doesn‘t bother me at all," says Svavar Baldursson, farmer on the island of Vigur in the straits of Ísafjörður in the West Fjords.

Fish farming is a rapidly growing industry in Iceland.

Farmed fish escapes from pens in Iceland

20 Feb 2017 Recently a large hole was found on one of the pens of a fish farm in the West Fjords. It’s not yet known how much fish has escaped. Anglers fear the effect on the ecosystem, on wild salmon and trout.

The locals at Grímsey island are hoping for a ferry with groceries today.

Supplies running low in remote Iceland due to storm

29 Dec 2016 Supplies are running low in stores in many remote parts of Iceland as last days storms have rendered much of Iceland impassable for trucks, airplanes or ferries.




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