Platform on Precipitous Mountain Taking Shape

Part of the platform overhangs the mountain.

Part of the platform overhangs the mountain.ór Sveinbjörnsson

Vala Hafstað

“[T]he view and this great height is what matters most. The role of the platform is just to underline that; it is not meant to be the main thing,” states Einar Hlér Einarsson, speaking of an observation platform under construction on Bolafjall mountain, the West Fjords, famous for the stunning view it offers over Ísafjarðardjúp fjord and Jökulfirðir fjords.

He and his wife Shruthi Basappa run the architect firm Sei Studio which, along with the company Landmótun, emerged the winner of a design contest for an observation platform on the mountain. Efla engineering firm provided civil engineering consultation.

Architects Einar Hlér Einarsson and Shruthi Basappa, founders of Sei …

Architects Einar Hlér Einarsson and Shruthi Basappa, founders of Sei Studio.ór Sveinbjörnsson

According to Einar, the project is proceeding much faster than expected. The platform was made in Poland and turned out to fit perfectly once it arrived. The floor is expected from Italy in mid-September, and Einar expects the platform to open shortly after that.

“The whole experience has been incredibly enjoyable, and all has gone well,” he states.

Designing the platform was complicated, he explains. The mountain had to be measured repeatedly and the figures updated whenever work was done. 3-D measurements have been done as well.

“By now, we have reinforced the whole rock with steel studs this way and that, so you could say we have sewn it together,” he states.

The design team found it important for the platform to be out of sight until you reach it. Part of it overhangs the cliff at an elevation of 600 meters (1,968 ft) above sea level. “We stretched it out as far as the engineer allowed us,” he adds.

He describes the project as the most exciting one the couple has taken on. They can’t wait to see it in its final form.

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