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Plans to Establish Airline Canceled

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WOW Pilots Seek Jobs Abroad

9 Apr 2019 Pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians, who worked for the bankrupt Icelandic airline WOW, are actively searching for jobs, mainly abroad.

Scammers Call WOW Ticket Holders

1 Apr 2019 The credit card service company Valitor warns consumers of scammers, who in the wake of the bankruptcy of WOW Air last week have been calling customers, asking for their credit card information.

Thousands of people in Iceland lose their jobs in connection to WOW air bankruptcy

29 Mar 2019 Jobs connected to the flight industry and travel services in Iceland will reduce by two to three thousand following the bankruptcy of WOW air. Included are around one thousand people directly working for the airline.

Passengers who were booked with WOW air can buy fares for special rates from Icelandair for the next two weeks.

Icelandair offer special fares for stranded WOW passengers

28 Mar 2019 Icelandair have set up discounted economy fares for stranded passengers en route, from or through Iceland.

Keflavik International Airport today.

Information for passengers stranded due to WOW air

28 Mar 2019 Please read the following information from the Icelandic transport authority.

Niraj Varia at the WOW office this morning

Stranded travellers in panic over WOW

28 Mar 2019 Many WOW passengers are waiting at the WOW headquarters in Katrínartún in Reykjavik and are worried that they won't be able to leave Iceland.

Skúli Mogensen stofnaði flugfélagið WOW air árið 2012.

CEO of WOW air: "I will never forgive myself"

28 Mar 2019 "I will never forgive myself for not taking action sooner as it's evident that WOW was an amazing airline and we were on the right track to do great things again," wrote WOW air CEO and owner Skúli Mogensen in a letter to his staff this morning.

The WOW air website this morning.

Game over: WOW air are bankrupt

28 Mar 2019 WOW air are bankrupt. All flights are cancelled and passengers should check flights with other airlines through the Icelandic transport authority.

WOW air are in deep trouble.

WOW air scramble to save company

26 Mar 2019 Last night creditors and investors of WOW air met for the third time. The aim was to secure enough signatures to secure a deal to exchange their financial claims against WOW air into shares that amount to 49 percent ownership.

WOWs TF-PRO has been grounded in Montreal.

WOW air planes grounded and many flight cancellations

25 Mar 2019 Two WOW air planes have been grounded, one in Montreal and the second in Santa Clara in Cuba

CEO of WOW air, Skúli Mogensen.

Future of WOW air uncertain as Icelandair cancels negotiations

25 Mar 2019 Icelandair Group has decided that its possible involvement in WOW air’s operations, as announced on 20 March 2019, will not materialize. Therefore, all discussions between the parties have been cancelled.

WOW airs struggle continues.

Indigo Partners cancel negotiations with WOW air who starts discussions again with Icelandair

22 Mar 2019 The proposed investment of Indigo Partners LLC ("Indigo Partners") in WOW air has been cancelled by Indigo Partners. Therefore, all negotiations between WOW air and Indigo Partners have been cancelled.

A great number of people lost their jobs at WOW air today.

WOW air lay off 350 staff

13 Dec 2018 WOW air have laid off altogether 350 staff today. These are 111 full time staff and the rest are summer staff and contractors.

Group from Indigo Partners arrive in Iceland to discuss WOW acquisition

5 Dec 2018 A group of people from investment company Indigo Partners are currently in Iceland to discuss the possible acquisition of WOW air with its directors. One of them is Bill Frankie, one of the founders of Indigo Partners and self-crowned king of low cost airlines.

"The planned acquisition of Icelandair Group of Wow air will not go through," said Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair in an announcement this morning.

Icelandair Group's acquisition of WOW air cancelled

29 Nov 2018 Icelandair group will not be purchasing WOW air and have cancelled a purchase agreement signed on November 5th. This was a mutual agreement by both airlines. Staff of WOW air have been asked to attend a staff meeting at 10 am this morning.




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