Game over: WOW air are bankrupt

WOW air are bankrupt. All flights are cancelled and passengers should check flights with other airlines through the Icelandic transport authority. 

Further information for passengers can be found on the following link:

WOW air, founded in 2011,  had been struggling to save its operations since Monday. 

A statement from WOW reads: 

Information for WOW AIR passengers 
WOW AIR has ceased operation. All WOW AIR flights have been cancelled.” 

Thousand of passengers intending to travel with WOW air today are therefore stranded. 

Negotiations were underway this week between WOW air managers and its creditors who planned to take the airline over, and the leasing companies. Attempts were made to get other investors to the table, but they wanted full assurance that it would be possible to keep the airline going before they put money into it. 





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