Icicles are the main theme on Reykjavik Icicles, a new Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to icicles in Reykjavik.

New Instagram page dedicated to Reykjavik icicles

30 Jan 2019 Reykjavik Icicles is a new Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to fans of icicles in Reykjavik. It was set up by Kathryn Elizabeth Gunnarsson who moved from London to Iceland three years ago.

Father and daughter celebrate the sun coming up behind the mountains for the first time in 74 days.

Locals in remote town in North Iceland celebrate return of the sun

28 Jan 2019 The villagers of Siglufjörður, a beautiful and remote town in the North of Iceland, celebrated "sólarkaffi," or sun coffee yesterday. Why? Because it's the first day of the year when the sun rises high enough above the tall mountaintops to be seen.

Rescue teams got a caterpillar to tow the tractor back out of the lake.

Farmer makes narrow escape as tractor breaks through ice in North West Iceland

28 Jan 2019 "Nothing happened other than the fact that the ice simply wasn't solid in that part of the lake. It's not complicated," says farmer Páll Þórðarson at Laxárvatn lake in Sauðanes in Húnavatnshreppur, North West Iceland.

Jensína Andrésdóttir holds the record for Iceland's oldest person.

Jensína becomes Iceland's oldest living Icelander

19 Jan 2019 Jensína Andrésdóttir became Iceland's oldest living person today at 109 years and 70 days old.

Örn Hilmisson didn't let losing an arm get him down.

One armed puffin catcher in Westman Islands

15 Jan 2019 Örn Hilmisson lost his left arm in a fishing boat accident some twenty years ago. He didn't let this setback disturb his normal routine.

Svanhildur Snæbjörnsdóttir  and Hlaðgerður Sveinbjörnsdóttir.

Oldest living Icelandic twins celebrate 96th birthday

18 Oct 2018 The oldest living twins in Iceland celebrated their 96th birthday last weekend. Hlaðgerður and Svanhildur Snæbjörnsdaughters are also near the record for Iceland's oldest twins ever, the record being 96 years and 292 days.

Andrea and her boyfriend holding their newborn son.

Icelandic home birth: Roar of the lioness

30 May 2018 A wondrous photo essay by photographer Aldís Pálsdóttir capturing the birth of a baby boy to parents Andrea Eyland Sóleyjar-og Björgvinsdóttir and Þorleifur Kamban.

Karl Sigurðsson in his home. He cooks his own supper every night and is in good health.

"Can't believe I'm a hundred years old."

14 May 2018 Former captain and marine engineer Karl Sigurðsson celebrates his 100th birthday today. Speaking to Morgunblaðið today he can't believe he reached such a high age.

Ash Wednesday is costume day for kids in Iceland.

Dress-up day for kids- Ash Wednesday in Iceland

14 Feb 2018 It's Ash Wednesday, a day where children in Iceland dress up in fancy-dress and go out to collect sweets. It's kind of like the Icelandic version of Halloween.

The photo that was shared all across Iceland and beyond.

Icelander hangs out washing in shoulder-deep snow

13 Feb 2018 Photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir who lives in Ísafjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland wanted to show her husband, who lives in the capital, how much it had snowed overnight and posted a photo of herself hanging out the washing on her Facebook page.

Jensína Jóna Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, known as Jenna, is 100 years old and remembers harder times in Iceland.

"Life was slavery"

12 Feb 2018 "I'm a 100 year old lady from the west who has slaved a lot in her life" says Jensína Jóna Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, known as Jenna, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

Svanur Kristinsson is a policeman in Selfoss.

Icelandic policeman wears same sunglasses for thirty years

7 Feb 2018 "My sunglasses are indespensable and they're quality made," says policeman Svanur Kristinsson who lives and works in Selfoss in South Iceland.




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