White-tailed eagle.

Eagle Population Reaches New Heights

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Two cruise ships visited the island on Saturday.

Spellbound Tourists on Grímsey Miss Ferry

19 Jun “There is something special about this island. Here, time is somehow irrelevant.”

The redwing in its nest, on top of the flagpole.

Best Nest on Top of Flagpole

14 Jun A couple of redwings in North Iceland may have found the safest nesting place there ever was.

One of the horned grebes on Reykjavík Pond.

Beautiful Bird on Reykjavík Pond

5 Jun Two horned grebes were spotted last week on the Pond in Reykjavík.

Eider ducks may be too weak to nest.

Eider Duck Population in Sharp Decline?

27 May “We haven’t witnessed such a situation since 1968.”

One of the Chinese birds, "inspecting" the landscape.

Chinese Puffins on Hrísey Island

25 May One hundred-fifty Chinese puffins have arrived in Hrísey island, North Iceland.

Tumi Kolbeinsson, dove enthusiast.

Bait, Status Symbol, Messenger

12 May Keeping doves used to be a status symbol in Iceland.

Golden plover.

One Third of World’s Golden Plovers Nests in Iceland

9 May About a third of the world’s population of golden plover nests in Iceland.

From Akurey island.

Puffin Nesting Area Now Natural Reserve

3 May Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, umhverfis- og auðlindaráðherra, undirritaði í dag friðlýsingu Akureyjar í Kollafirði. Verndargildi eyjunnar er ekki síst fólgið í mikilvægi hennar sem sjófuglabyggðar.

The poor swan has an aluminium can stuck to its beak.

Swan with tin can stuck to beak being rescued

4 Mar A swan was spotted with a tin can stuck to its beak in Urriðaholt, a suburb of Reykjavik. People are asked not to try to rescue the swan themselves as it is scared and will fly away and to wait for professionals as a rescue operation is underway.


Iceland's first duck with an Instagram account

6 Feb There are Instagram accounts for dogs and cats in Iceland but now a duck named Búkolla is set to become an Instagram star.

This owl was spotted in a garden in Vesturgata yesterday.

Short-eared owl spotted in Reykjavik

1 Feb A short eared owl was seen in Vesturgata in central Reykjavik yesterday. The bird was perching in a garden.

Eagles like to dwell in South Iceland near the hot springs.

Eagles display unusual behaviour in South Iceland

28 Jan Two eagles were spotted flying around in circles over the town of Hveragerði in South Iceland on Saturday. Zoologist Kristinn Haukur Skarphéðinsson says that this behaviour is unusual.

Why are puffins in decline?

1 Sep 2018 “Why are puffins vanishing?”

Dyrhólaey has  been closed off for public traffic during the nesting season.

Traffic through Dyrhólaey, one of Iceland's most famous landmarks, limited

13 May 2018 The Iceland Environmental Agency has decided to limit traffic through Dyrhólaey between May 8th to June 25th. The general public and tourists will only be able to walk through Lágey and Háey on marked paths and roads.


Sea Eagle rescued in November put down

7 May 2018 The sea eagle rescued by Snorri Rafnsson, known as Vargurinn on Snapchat who spent the last couple of months at the Reykjavik Family Zoo, has been put down. Unfortunately the bird failed to regain its health.




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