Hilma Hólm, cardiologist.

COVID-19 Symptoms Linger for Months, Study Reveals

20 Apr 2021 Thirty-two percent of people diagnosed with COVID-19 still suffered serious symptoms five to 11 months after falling ill.


Identical Twins Not Completely Identical

8 Jan 2021 Scientists at deCode Genetics have discovered that monozygotic twins, that is, twins developed from a single fertilized ovum, are not completely identical.

From the headquarters of DeCode Genetics.

DeCode Researches Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

6 Oct 2020 DeCode Genetics has begun researching the long-term effects of COVID-19.

A portrait of Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics, on a calf.

Tattoo of deCode Genetics’ CEO Gets Attention

24 Aug 2020 Icelandic tattoo artist Ólafía Kristjánsdóttir got an unusual request over the weekend.

Kári Stefánsson, forstjóri Íslenskrar erfðagreiningar.

Sequence Analysis Suggests Further Spread of Coronavirus

30 Jul 2020 Sequence analysis of samples from individuals infected with COVID-19 in Iceland has revealed one more case that includes a variant of the SARS-CoV-2, similar to the one already found in three unrelated groups of people.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics.

deCode ‘Detectives’ Determined to Solve COVID-19 Riddle

28 Jul 2020 Trying to solve the riddle of how new variants of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) were carried to Iceland involves a thorough investigation.

‘The Most Beautiful Picture Possible’

29 May 2020 “This is the most beautiful picture possible at present.”

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics.

Less than One Percent Has Antibodies to Coronavirus

29 May 2020 Aside from those Icelanders whose COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, 0.9 percent of the Icelandic nation has developed antibodies to the novel coronavirus.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics.

Article on COVID-19 in Iceland in New England Journal of Medicine

15 Apr 2020 An article on the spread of the novel coronavirus in Iceland was published by the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics.

First deCode COVID-19 Findings Are In

16 Mar 2020 Screening for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 – a project initiated by deCode Genetics – is in full swing.

Kári Stefánsson, founder of deCODE genetics.

Icelandic Scientist Elected by NAS

3 May 2019 Professor Kári Stefánsson, CEO and director of deCODE genetics, has been elected foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCODE, anthropologist Sunna Ebensardóttir and anthropologist Agnar Helgason.

deCode Genetics publish new findings on the founding of the Icelandic population

31 May 2018 In a study published today, scientists at deCODE Genetics report new findings about the founding of the Icelandic population, and its subsequent evolution, based on ancient DNA. The study appears today in the online edition of Science.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCODE Genetics.

New Icelandic study shows that human genetic diversity is the outcome of a battle between the sexes

21 Sep 2016 In a new study, researchers at deCODE genetics have used their unique population data resources to shed new light on the processes which continuously shape the diversity of the human genome. This was announced in a press release on Monday.


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