Mývatn Winter Festival Opens Friday

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The couple Ester Sigfúsdóttir and Jón Jónsson entertain during Disaster Days.

Disaster Days Await You in Hólmavík This Weekend

25 Feb 2022 The festival Disaster Days opens today in the town Hólmavík, in the Strandir region of the West Fjords, and continues through Sunday.

From Ölverk's beer festival in 2019.

Beer Festival Among Tropical Animals This Weekend

22 Oct 2021 Beer enthusiasts will head to Hveragerði, Southwest Iceland, this weekend.

Hallgrímskirkja church.

Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival Opens Today

4 Feb 2021 The annual Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival opens today and continues through Sunday.

Reykjavík Fringe Festival July 4-12

28 Jun 2020 The third annual Reykjavík Fringe Festival is scheduled for July 4-12.

From last year's Food and Fun Festival.

Food and Fun Festival Fast Approaching

1 Feb 2020 The Food and Fun Festival will be held at restaurants in Reykjavík for the 19th time March 4-8.

Reykjavík Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson was the flag-bearer of the parade.

Proud of Pride Parade

19 Aug 2019 A record number of people gathered downtown on Saturday for Reykjavík Pride Parade.

In 2016, the steps in front of Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík junior college were painted in celebration of Reykjavík Pride.

Reykjavík Pride Opens Today

8 Aug 2019 Reykjavík Pride (Hinsegin dagar) takes place August 8-17, with various events planned throughout the city.

The organizers of the festival.

Great Fish Day August 8-11

7 Aug 2019 The Great Fish Day will be celebrated in the fishing town Dalvík, North Iceland, August 8-11.

Torches were lit in Vestmannaeyjar.

Merchants’ Weekend in Pictures

6 Aug 2019 For the most part, the biggest travel weekend of the year, Merchants’ Weekend, went well in Iceland.

From last year's Þjóðhátíð.

Weekend’s Largest Festival Underway

2 Aug 2019 Preparations are underway in Vestmannaeyjar islands for Þjóðhátíð, which has long been Iceland’s largest Merchants’ Weekend festival.

From Þjóðhátíð in Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Merchants’ Weekend Festivals

30 Jul 2019 The biggest travel weekend of the year, Merchants’ Weekend, is coming up.

The coast guard ship Óðinn was quite an attraction.

Fishermen’s Day in Pictures

3 Jun 2019 Fishermen’s Day was celebrated all over Iceland yesterday.

From the family festival, Kátt á Klambra.

One of Summer’s Warmest Days

30 Jul 2018 About 2,500 people attended the family festival Kátt á Klambra in Reykjavík yesterday, on one of the summer’s warmest days.

It's tradition that women that own the Icelandic national costume wear it on the 17th of June.

Today is Iceland’s national day!

17 Jun 2017 Today is Iceland's national day! Often only referred to as ‘the seventeenth of June’, there are festivities all over the country on this day, with balloons, sweets, music and everything else you can ask from a festival. But what's the story behind this day?

Not quite this warm yet, but at least it's summer!

Happy (Icelandic) first day of summer!

20 Apr 2017 Today is the first day of summer in Iceland. It’s also the day of summer presents, a custom centuries older than Christmas presents. The reason why first day of summer is so early is that the old Icelandic calendar only had two seasons, winter and summer.


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