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Important to Introduce the Sagas Sooner

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Gísli Sigurðsson.

New Findings Correspond with Conclusions Drawn from Sagas

23 Oct 2021 We reported Thursday on an article, published in Nature, in which scientists state they now have proof of the presence of the Vikings in Newfoundland in the year 1021.

On the final stretch of the project. A happy group of volunteers.

‘Njal’s Saga’ to Be Completed Tonight

15 Sep 2020 Njal’s Saga, the best-known among the sagas of the Icelanders, will finally be completed tonight.

Professor Avedan Raggio.

Sewing the Saga of Njal

15 Dec 2019 Since February 2013, a 90-meter-long tapestry depicting Njal’s Saga – the best-known Icelandic saga – has been in the making in Hvolsvöllur, South Iceland.

What makes the Icelandic Sagas unique

14 Aug 2018 The 17th International Saga Conference opened in Reykjavík on Sunday and runs through Friday.

The fortune teller by her hut.

"Meet" an ancient Icelandic fortune teller

28 Dec 2016 Þórdís the fortune teller was one of the strong women in the Icelandic sagas. She was the first settler in Skagaströnd, North Iceland, and today she is remembered in a museum dedicated to her.

The play depicts all of the forty Icelandic sagas.

Greatest hits of the Icelandic sagas: The play

7 Jun 2016 One way of getting to know Icelandic sagas is to read all forty of them. Another is to just see the play. Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits is presented by two Icelandic actors who jump from the role of one heroic housewife or Viking to the next. It covers all the sagas in a fast and witty way, covering the most famous Vikings and their strong-minded wives.

Until now it has been believed that Nordic people went no further than to L'­An­se aux Medows in Newfoundland. The new discovery changes that.

Discovery of new Viking site in North America: Icelandic author not surprised

3 Apr 2016 "I'm not surprised, but I find this discovery absolutely remarka­ble," says Icelandic meterolog­ist and aut­hor Páll Bergþórs­son about the news of an ancient Vik­ing site spotted on sa­telite pict­ur­es in New­found­land in North America. Bergþórsson is the author of The Wine­land Millenni­um: Saga and Evi­dence/ Vín­lands­gát­an, which was nom­ina­ted for the Icelandic Litera­t­ure Prize in 1997.

Photo: Sverrir

Our Top 5 tips for literary treats in Iceland

10 Mar 2016 No visit to Iceland would be complete without some contact with the country’s literary heritage.

Þingvellir, the site of the ancient Icelandic Parliament, appears frequently in stories such as Njal's Saga.

Mapping the Icelandic sagas

29 Nov 2015 A new interactive map of all places featured in the Icelandic sagas has won the University of Iceland 2015 Applied Science Prize.

Around Iceland 2015: Hvolsvöllur

23 Sep 2015 Morgunblaðið’s six-week 2015 tour of Iceland continues. Today’s destination: Hvolsvöllur.

Gunn­ar, Njáll's great friend - and love in­t­erest, accord­ing to some - in the classic Icelandic saga.

The Opera of Gay Njáll

11 Apr 2015 Nic Bizub, a student of the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Wisconsin, USA, is composing an English-language opera exploring the themes of honour and masculinity, based loosely on Iceland’s famous Njáll's saga.


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