These are pictures of 40 of the 411 Icelanders, whose names are in the Zhenhua data leak.

Zhenhua Data Leak Includes Names of 411 Icelanders

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Icelanders use social media more than any other nation within the European Economic Area.

Icelanders Top the List in Social Media Usage

1 Jul 2019 The use of social media is more common in Iceland than in any other country within the European Economic Area, according to Eurostat.

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre is situated by the Reykjavik Harbour.

International What Works summit begins today in Reykjavik

24 Apr 2017 The What Works Summit is held for the second time this year at Reykjavik's Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The summit, which explores how countries can turn economic growth into positive social outcomes and advance social progress in times of uncertainty, begins today.

Vexed East Icelanders tell weather forecasters to get out the way

19 Dec 2016 A Facebook group of disgruntled TV viewers has emerged calling on weather forecasters not to stand in front of and block East Iceland when presenting their bulletin.

Iceland’s Finance Minister shoots down idea of ‘basic income’

30 Sep 2016 The idea of an unconditional ‘basic income’ to all citizens is being actively looked into by Iceland’s Pirate Party and is also under discussion in countries across the world, including Finland.

Kristófer Acox during last night's game.

President sorry for Iceland basketball player ‘Good Luck’ gaffe

1 Sep 2016 Iceland’s new President caused a minor stir at last night’s basketball international against Switzerland by address a member of the Icelandic national team in English.

Iceland’s WOW air up for aviation social media awards

22 Aug 2016 Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air has been nominated for three SimpliFlying awards, given to airlines for excellence in social media.

Kardashians’ Iceland trip on US television

13 Jul 2016 The Karsdashians’ recent trip to Iceland was shown on reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! last Sunday.

Would you give this man your shirt?

Turkish fans hit back at Ronaldo with ‘Shirts for Aron’ hashtag

15 Jun 2016 Turkish fans have started a hashtag to support Aron Gunnarsson, the Icelandic player snubbed by Ronaldo yesterday when he suggested they swapped shirts at the end of the match.

Lin with a young Icelandic fan.

NBA’s Jeremy Lin does Running Man in Iceland

30 May 2016 Lin has recently been on holiday in Iceland, visiting Akureyri and playing and shooting some hoops with a young Icelandic fan who bumped into him in an ice-cream shop.

Have a bash at speaking Icelandic – with the new Accent app!

27 May 2016 Accent is the name of a new language-sharing app about to hit the market – and which could be a real boon to those interested in learning Icelandic.

The winners!

WOW air’s four SnapTravelers in Iceland

25 May 2016 Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air has announced the winners of the competition to select four ‘WOW SnapTravelers’, who will travel the airline’s route network and record their experiences for the airline’s Snapchatters.

Facebook says no to  the campaign for breast cancert awareness which features some stylised drawings of women's breasts.

Facebook bans Icelandic breast cancer awareness ads

5 May 2016 Icelandic charity Göngum saman, an annual fundraiser for breast cancer research cannot run its ad campaign on Facebook due to illustrations on T-shirts sold for the cause. The T-shirts are designed by cartoonist Lóa Hjámtýsdóttir and feature drawings of breasts and nipples.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson resigned as PM over the Panama Papers scandal.

Icelandic ex-PM’s “ludicrous” Leicester message

3 May 2016 Toppled Icelandic ex-Prime Minister Sig­mund­ur Davíð Gunn­laugs­son­ has been accused of jumping on the Leicester bandwagon, after the team won the English Premier League yesterday.

CEO of WOW air, Skúli Mogensen.

Travel for free – Become a ‘WOW SnapTraveler’!

2 May 2016 Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air is offering four lucky souls the opportunity of a lifetime to travel their route network and record their experiences for WOW air Snapchatters.

Photo: AFP

Facebook bans Icelandic “sexy” mermaid

16 Mar 2016 Sea salt marketed by Icelandic food company Islandica is sold in a box which has won awards for design but fallen foul of Facebook’s rules on decorum.




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