Facebook bans Icelandic “sexy” mermaid

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP AFP

Sea salt marketed by Icelandic food company Islandica is sold in a box which has won awards for design but fallen foul of Facebook’s rules on decorum.

As can be seen from the picture below, the box features a bichrome depiction of a bare-chested mermaid, with strategically placed flowing locks and the traditional scaly bottom half.

A recent ad featuring the picture placed on the social website Facebook has been taken down as it apparently contravenes rules on “sexually suggestive or provocative” material.

“Facebook does not allow images that depict people in explicit or suggestive positions, or images that show nudity or cleavage – even if portrayed for artistic or educational reasons,” is the message Islandica reportedly received.

Photo: Facebook/Islandica

Photo: Facebook/Islandica


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