Christian Scmitd, in the company of passengers.

Whale Watching Season Has Begun

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From Húsavík, North Iceland.

Much Demand for Whale Watching Tours

29 Jun 2021 The tourism industry in Iceland appears to be bouncing back, judging, at least, from the number of bookings received by whale watching companies.

Húsavík Harbor, December 8.

Waiting for Whales to Return

13 Dec 2020 This spectacular picture was taken at Húsavík Harbor, North Iceland, a few days ago.

The belugas Little White and Little Gray are scheduled to arrive in Keflavík on April 16.

Belugas Fly in Next Week

10 Apr 2019 On April 16, Keflavík International Airport is expecting two unusually heavy travelers, sure to attract a lot of attention.

One of the bottlenose whales spotted in Akureyri, North Iceland.

Bottlenose Whales Delight Residents

31 Jul 2018 The residents of Akureyri, North Iceland, saw an unusual sight a short distance from land yesterday.

Right whales are rarely spotted in Icelandic waters.

Rare Right Whale Spotted in Iceland

25 Jul 2018 A North Atlantic right whale was spotted by whale watchers onboard a boat from Elding Whale Watching on Monday.

Locals guide tourists around the island on a tractor.

Whale watching on a tractor on Hrísey Island

30 May 2017 At Hrísey Island the guided tours and whale watching are operated on a tractor. Hrísey is located in North Iceland and even though the island does not stand high, the view of the mountains that frame in the surrounding fjord is amazing.

Blue whale spraying water on a whale watching boat at Skjálfandaflói.

Blue Whales have arrived in North Iceland

14 Mar 2017 Biggest mammals on earth, Blue whales have been spotted at Skjálfandaflói, the bay north of whale watching town Húsavík in North Iceland. Blue whales venture into the bay in late winter and spring in search for something to eat. A great opportunity go get up close to these magnificent creatures.

Travellers in Tromsø, North Norway can enjoy a whalewathing trip on this Icelandic scooner.

Whale watching underneath the Northern Lights

29 Nov 2016 An Icelandic whale watching boat offers whale watching in the darkness of winter in Northern Norway.

Iceland petition: “Whales should be seen and not hurt”

31 Aug 2016 A petition calling upon the Icelandic government to ban whaling has now been signed by over 100,000 Icelanders and visitors to the country.

Kevin Foster and Rupa Huq in Iceland.

UK MP visit: “Iceland’s whales worth more alive than dead”

25 Aug 2016 Two British MPs have recently visited Iceland to lend their support to ongoing efforts to wean tourists off whale meat and protect Iceland’s whales.

Have “Icelandic” minke whales migrated to Jan Mayen?

16 Aug 2016 A large stock of minke whales previously dwelling off the shores of Iceland may now have been located near the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen.

Iceland minkes in danger of straying into hunting zones

27 Jul 2016 Visitors to Reykjavik peeping round the back of the city’s iconic Harpa building earlier this month might have caught sight of a new vessel – the R/V Song of the Whale – which was on mission in Iceland 12-19 July.

Marc Riley, a self-confessed lover of Iceland.

“Iceland – a breathtaking country, tarnished by whaling”

3 Jul 2016 “Whaling is economically unviable, sickening, and morally wrong,” says British music guru Marc Riley in no uncertain terms.

North Sailing's schooner Opal

Name an Icelandic whale-watching boat and win a trip to Greenland!

8 Jun 2016 The deadline for entries is 20 June, as the new boat – whatever it will be called – begins operations on 1 July. Good luck!

Europeans most interested in Iceland whale watching

17 May 2016 Visitors from the United States made up 20% of all tourists in Iceland in 2014, but just 8% of those taking a whale-watching trip.




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