They are smaller than the buses currently used.

Self-Driving Buses in Iceland by 2023?

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President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and First Lady Eliza Reid attended the opening of the reading contest.

Software for the Survival of Icelandic

19 Jan Voice samples from Icelandic youth will be collected during the annual Grade School Reading Contest, which opened yesterday at Fellaskóli grade school in Reykjavík.

Ljósafoss hydroelectric power plant.

Will Hydrogen Be Produced in Iceland for Export?

23 Oct Landsvirkjun - the national power company of Iceland – and port authorities in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have signed a declaration of intent regarding examining the potential for the export of green hydrogen from Iceland to Rotterdam.

Two Telecom Companies in Iceland Use Huawei Products

22 Oct Two out of three telecommunications firms in Iceland use Huawei products in their telecommunications systems.

Phase of Uncertainty Declared for Cyber Security in Iceland

10 Sep For the first time ever, CERT-IS, Iceland’s computer emergency response team, declared a phase of uncertainty for cyber security in Iceland yesterday.

Róbert Wessmann, CEO and founder of Alvotech.

Icelandic Biopharmaceutical Company Alvotech Signs Huge Contract with Teva

6 Aug A collaboration agreement, one of the largest business contracts ever made with an Icelandic company, has been signed between the Icelandic biopharmaceutical company Alvotech and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Bleak Outlook for Icelandic in Outlook

29 May Microsoft has announced that it will no longer offer an Icelandic version of the Outlook app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) at the end of June.

Fifth COVID-19-Related Death in Iceland

6 Apr 2020 A man in his 60s died of COVID-19 at Landspítali National University Hospital yesterday.

Anna Hallgrímsdóttir, enjoying the iPad.

Appreciates iPad at Age 102

3 Apr 2020 “I love being able to talk to people,” 102-year-old Anna Hallgrímsdóttir.

Director of Health Alma Möller.

COVID-19-Tracing App to Be Launched Soon

1 Apr 2020 An app intended to help Icelandic health officials trace the origin of COVID-19 transmissions is ready to be launched.

Chief Superintendent Víðir Reynisson.

App to Trace Movements of Infected Icelanders

25 Mar 2020 An app, intended to help health officials trace paths of COVID-19 infection and easily reach those who have been exposed to the virus, will likely be launched in Iceland early next week.

Countries with clean energy are being looked at as a potential site for the computer.

Will British Supercomputer Be Housed in Iceland?

18 Feb 2020 Because of its clean energy sources, Iceland is a potential site for a supercomputer to be built for the Met Office – the UK’s national weather service - 2022-2032.

From left: Stefán Hrafn Magnússon, Jón H. Arnarson and Ingvar Garðarsson.

Drone for Herding Reindeer

14 Nov 2019 A prototype for a large drone, designed and made in Iceland, intended for herding reindeer in Greenland, is ready to fly.


Bird Drone of Interest to US Investors

23 Sep 2019 The Icelandic company Flygildi has since 2012 been developing a drone in the shape of a bird.

From left: Árni Harðarson, assistant director of Alvogen and board member of Alvotech, Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, minister of tourism, industry and innovation , Sigurður Hannesson, CEO of the Federation of Icelandic Industries, and Pétur Óskarsson, director of Promote Iceland.

Website to Attract Foreign Experts

5 Sep 2019 A new website, meant to facilitate the relocation process for foreign experts wishing to work in Iceland, was launched Tuesday.

From the museum.

Tourists Take Part in Bloody Battle in Skagafjörður

3 Aug 2019 For the past month and a half, tourists have enjoyed taking part in a bloody battle in Skagafjörður, North Iceland.




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