From left: Stefán Hrafn Magnússon, Jón H. Arnarson and Ingvar Garðarsson.

Drone for Herding Reindeer

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Bird Drone of Interest to US Investors

23 Sep The Icelandic company Flygildi has since 2012 been developing a drone in the shape of a bird.

From left: Árni Harðarson, assistant director of Alvogen and board member of Alvotech, Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, minister of tourism, industry and innovation , Sigurður Hannesson, CEO of the Federation of Icelandic Industries, and Pétur Óskarsson, director of Promote Iceland.

Website to Attract Foreign Experts

5 Sep A new website, meant to facilitate the relocation process for foreign experts wishing to work in Iceland, was launched Tuesday.

From the museum.

Tourists Take Part in Bloody Battle in Skagafjörður

3 Aug For the past month and a half, tourists have enjoyed taking part in a bloody battle in Skagafjörður, North Iceland.

VIDEO: A drone homage to Iceland, land of water and light

13 Dec 2016 Iceland Monitor reader David Leiter has kindly sent us this spectacular video featuring drone footage of some of Iceland’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

Icelandair and WOW air ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

17 Oct 2016 Both of Iceland’s main international airlines have now banned Sam­sung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones on board their aircraft, following a number case of the phones overheating and exploding.

One in 5 of entire population of Iceland has played Pokémon GO

13 Sep 2016 Just under half of all Icelanders aged 18-29 have tried their hand at the hit smartphone reality game Pokémon GO, according to a new survey.

Iceland’s Euro 2016 Viking Clap to feature in FIFA 17 game

13 Sep 2016 EA Sports, the game developer behind the massively popular FIFA football computer game series, has announced that FIFA 17 will include the HÚ! Viking clap made famous by the Icelandic football team at Euro 2016.

Icelandic mobile game receives rave reviews

25 Aug 2016 The Berlin-based Klang games, formed by veterans of Iceland's CCP Games (Eve Online) and Icelandic artists released ReRunners, a mobile game in July which has received excellent reviews internationally.

Icelandic Pokémon hunters trash botanical garden

23 Aug 2016 Individuals playing the hit reality game Pokémon GO are responsible for widespread vandalism and damage at the Botanical Garden in the North Iceland town of Akureyri, it has been claimed.

The Hellisheiði Power Station.

Revolutionary new CO2 binding technique developed in Iceland

10 Jun 2016 “The world now has a new weapon in the fight against climate change,” it has been announced, thanks to a revolutionary new technique developed in Iceland to lock away carbon dioxide.

VIDEO: A stunning view of Iceland from the sky

7 Jun 2016 Check out the latest stunning offering from ‘Dronefanatic’, an “aspiring cinematographer” who recently visited the inspiring and stunning landscapes of Iceland.

This mosaic of Ganymede was made using 45 images obtained by Voyager 1 on March 5, 1979 over a period of about 2 hours. The image is in approximate true colours.

Icelander publishes new image from Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon

30 May 2016 Software developer Björn Jónsson has received international acclaim for processing images from the Voyager missions. His latest feat is a mosaic of Ganymede, which sheds new light on this largest moon of Jupiter.

New design for Iceland data centre skyscraper

31 Mar 2016 It may look like an alien craft from some science-fiction movie, but it is in fact a design for a new skyscraper data tower that architects would like to see erected in Iceland.

Photo: Icelandair

Icelandair brings in departure-to-arrival wifi

16 Feb 2016 Until now, passengers could connect to the on-board wifi once their aircraft had climbed through 10,000 ft. The network would be switched off before landing.

Photo: Promote Iceland

Icelandic companies at London Bett Show

21 Jan 2016 Five Icelandic companies are among those displaying at the “world’s leading education technology event”, the Bett Show, which got under way in London yesterday.




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