There is a festive version of the Icelandic spirit Brennivín, also known as Black Death.

The Icelandic Christmas spirit?

24 Dec 2016 The producers of the famous Icelandic spirit, Brennivín or Black Death, have released a new version of this classic for Christmas. The new version has a festive red label. It is aged in sherry and bourbon caskets which adds a flavour of oak and vanilla to the characteristic caraway flavour of Brennivín.

Alcohol duty in Iceland way above anywhere in Europe

12 Dec 2016 Alcohol duty in Iceland is already by far the highest in Europe and new price rises planned for next year will mean duty has more than doubled in just eight years.

Christmas beer cheapest at Iceland arrivals duty-free

16 Nov 2016 Varieties of Christmas beer are 22-55% cheaper at the arrivals duty-free shop at Iceland’s main international airport than in alcohol outlets around the country, it has been revealed.

Icelandic Christmas beer.

More varieties of Christmas beer than ever in Iceland this year

3 Nov 2016 Over forty varieties of Christmas beer are expected to be on sale in Icelandic state alcohol outlets this year – up from 34 last year.

The new resort will feature beer-baths like this one.

Soak in a 38°C beer bath at Iceland’s new beer spa resort

28 Sep 2016 The idea comes from similar beer spas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, says CEO of Icelandic beer manufacturer Agnes Anna Sigurðardóttir.

Icelandic teenagers abandoning smoking and drinking

22 Sep 2016 A new study has shown that 15-16-year-olds in Iceland smoke and drink considerably less than their European counterparts, with results improving dramatically over the years.

Sheep's head, anybody?

Iceland: beautiful scenery, football… and weird food?

14 Sep 2016 “Iceland is known for its breathtaking landscape, hot volcanic pools and, in 2016 at least, for trouncing the English at soccer,” writes Marcel Krueger in a new article on CNN.

‘Euro 2016 effect’ pushes up Iceland booze sales

16 Aug 2016 Sales in Icelandic alcohol stores were 7.3% higher this summer than in the summer of 2015, with the good weather and the Euro 2016 football finals thought to be in part responsible.

VIDEO: ‘The Mountain’ advertising Icelandic Mountain Vodka

20 Jul 2016 The new drink is produced by Icelandic Mountain Spirits, and is described as “a high-end luxury vodka”, with pure Icelandic water as its key ingredient.

What's not to like about beautiful Iceland?

What are tourists’ three main gripes about Iceland?

16 Jun 2016 Icelandic daily Morgunblaðið asked four Icelandic tour guides about what their customers think and feel about Iceland – their frequent questions, what they find strange or attractive, and what annoys them the most.

Is this Iceland’s most expensive beer?

7 Jun 2016 A bottle of limited-edition Icelandic beer sold for ISK 300,000 (approx. €2,150) at an auction on the Westman Islands last weekend.

Buying cheap booze while waiting for luggage is something of an Icelandic national sport.

Iceland to raise its booze customs quota

19 Apr 2016 A new proposal from Iceland’s Finance Minister could make it possible to buy considerably more duty-free beer and wine when arriving in Iceland.

A common sight soon in Icelandic supermarkets?

Iceland’s alcohol monopoly soon to be a thing of the past?

16 Mar 2016 The ‘alcohol bill’ has received the endorsement of a cross-party majority of committee MPs and now moves on to Alþingi for further legislative processing.

Photo: Heiddi

No more duty-free booze at KEF?

4 Mar 2016 A lawyer has been brought into the case and charges against the KEF Duty Free Store have been pressed.

Beer celebrations back in 1989.

Raise a glass for Beer Day!

1 Mar 2016 1 March is unofficially known as Beer Day (‘Bjórdagur’) and is the anniversary of the end of prohibition in Iceland – 27 years ago today.




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