More varieties of Christmas beer than ever in Iceland this year

Icelandic Christmas beer.

Icelandic Christmas beer. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg

Over forty varieties of Christmas beer are expected to be on sale in Icelandic state alcohol outlets this year – up from 34 last year.

The arrival of Christmas been in Vínbúðin shops is one of the unmistakable signs of the upcoming festive season. Sales begin this year on Tuesday 15 November.

According to Deputy Director of Vínbúðin Sigrún Ósk Sigurðardóttir, just under 750,000 litres of Christmas beer was sold last year – as compared to just 10,000 litres back in 1989, the year that the prohibition of beer sales in Iceland was lifted.

Sales commence in Vínbúðin shops on 15 November.

Sales commence in Vínbúðin shops on 15 November. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson




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